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    Install DA with single bash script

    Hi, we are planning to offer managed vps with preinstalled DA, is it possible to install DA with single bash script, so it would install automatically, including license?
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    Mariadb Too many connections

    Hi, today I had some kind of error in mariadb, all websites using db had "error 1040 Too many connections". I'm quite sure there was not too many connections, all websites using db wasn't working and after I restarted mariadb all starts to work just fine. After this I have made this: nano...
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    can't install mod_bw

    Bump, got exactly same bug.
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    wp-login.php brute force attacks

    Thanks for some solution, I saw it before, but external service can not be accepted, especially from google spyware. I was talking about javascript cookie because it is very simple, and block most of the bots, reducing server load.
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    How to block IPs with Brute Force Monitor in DirectAdmin using CSF

    That would be fine, but BruteForce Monitor page is loading like 2-3 minutes, also every action take so much time.
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    How to block IPs with Brute Force Monitor in DirectAdmin using CSF

    This is solved, after I removed IP from blocked_ips.txt, it need 1 or 2 minutes, to unblock that IP. But there is one more thing. I noticed that blocked_ips.txt can contain same IP more then 1 time, for example I have now around 14k line now, but when I took all IPs and removed duplicates...
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    wp-login.php brute force attacks

    In website source it looks like that: <script>document.cookie = "humans_21909=1"; document.location.reload(true)</script>
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    wp-login.php brute force attacks

    Hi, I have some bigger wp-login.php brute force attacks from many different IPs, for many wordpress installations, of course I have enabled "Directadmin's BFM compatible with CSF" from this topic...
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    How to block IPs with Brute Force Monitor in DirectAdmin using CSF

    Hi, how can I remove IP from being blocked? I removed it from blocked_ips.txt and csf -r but it is still blocked. I also tried add it to exempt_ips.txt and csf -r still the same, should I restart something else?
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    Complete Usage Statistics Bandwidth BUG

    Hi, in "Admin Level" -> "Complete Usage Statistics" -> Bandwidth Current Usage it is showing false values in this month, previous months are showing correct, I asked my DC for my current Bandwidth and it is much much lower then showed here in DA, each user Bandwidth usage is correct.
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    Security doubts for http_methods

    Hi, what do You think, is it safe to do it? cd /usr/local/directadmin/custombuild ./build set http_methods GET:HEAD:POST:PROPFIND:OPTIONS:PUT:DELETE:MKCOL:COPY:MOVE:REPORT ./build rewrite_confs I want allow my users to use cloud apps like nextcloud, is it safe that I enable it globally?
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    Can't create test file /var/lib/mysql/s1.lower-test

    Hi, some time ago I did this: and it worked fine, my mariaDB version was 5.5, now I decided to upgrade to 10.2, and mariadb is not starting, I get this: Can't create test file /var/lib/mysql/s1.lower-test what might be a problem?
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    Average cpu usage over some time by user

    Hi, I need to check how much cpu resources are using users but, I don't need real time data which is provided by top, I need it for longer period of time, like for month, to check which users are using cpu constantly, not just at the moment. It could be expressed by a number if possible. Does DA...
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    Named and unsupported sign in config

    Hi, we just had some downtime because of named, which didn't wanted to restart, I found a problem in named config, which was created by directadmin, there was an unsupported sign in domain name, which caused that named couldn't restart. Is it possible that it is directadmin bug?
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    Adding new IP for nameserver

    Hi, I wanted to my nameservers have 2 different IPs for and, so I assigned new IP to in domain registrar, obviously added it to network configs etc., added new IP in directadmin, and everything works fine, except one thing: now all emails are sent...