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    Where is the raw file containing the catchall data for users?

    Where is the raw file containing the catchall data for users?
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    can't get a response from support about my licenses

    I have two licenses with DirectAdmin. The one I'm using is the wrong one because my data-center went out of business. The license is actually in the name of the datacenter company which does not exist anymore. However, the one that I own myself I forgot the license number because it was so...
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    squirrelmail error

    ERROR: Bad or malformed request. Query: THREAD ORDEREDSUBJECT ISO-8859-1 ALL Server responded: [BADCHARSET] Unknown charset (0.000 + 0.000 secs). How can I fix this? The mailbox has 1006MB of data stored on the disk. Another user is able to read mail on the same server without any errors.
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    is out of business?

    I have their railsinda and postgre plugin installed, but not working. Their site seems like it's not been updated in a few years. Are there any newer/better ror and postgre directadmin plugins? Anyone know how to remove the stuff from my server?
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    how to remove links to webmails in enhanced user skin? I see this tutorial but it makes no sense to me because when I edit those files I don't see all the links to: Webmail: UebiMiau Webmail: Roundcube That I want to remove. I also want to remove my postgre and rubyonrails links. What's the exact...
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    trying to upgrade to mysql 5.5 but get an error

    I'm following the instructions here: I make it to the last step (./build mysql) and get this error: Extracting mysql-5.5.35.tar.gz ... Cannot find cmake, please install it. pkg_add -r cmake Cannot find mysql-5.5.35 package for installation
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    temporary URL (before domain resolves) and correct path for my welcome email?

    In my welcome messages to customers I have a note that they can view their web site data via a temporary URL that uses the IP address... it stopped working because DA changed the format of the public_html directory tree... It used to be: Upload your data into the...
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    I get this Apache error: [warn] The Alias directive in /etc/httpd/conf/httpd.conf a

    When I restart apache in freebsd 7 I get this error: [Sat Jan 25 17:17:09 2014] [warn] The Alias directive in /etc/httpd/conf/httpd.conf at line 180 will probably never match because it overlaps an earlier Alias. Line 180 reads: Alias /roundcube /var/www/html/roundcube/ Lines 179 and 180...
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    Welcome emails are not sent

    I also get the unrouteable address and I'm unable to send welcome emails to customers (looks pretty bad when it takes a new customer a week to signup.) I am pretty sure this is because I don't have any domains nor email addresses setup under my admin user account... Here is my error...
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    commerical web hosting using DirectAdmin on cloud server(s)

    Is anyone doing this yet reliably?
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    var is full, how do I fix this problem?

    /var: write failed, filesystem is full # df -h Filesystem Size Used Avail Capacity Mounted on /dev/twed0s1a 869G 219G 580G 27% / devfs 1.0K 1.0K 0B 100% /dev /dev/twed0s1d 1.9G 183M 1.6G 10% /tmp /dev/twed0s1e 24G 22G...
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    how to find customers based on email via ssh/grep? and mysterious var filled to max..

    1) how can I search for the customer email associated with an account and be given the customer's domain? I need this because people have changed their domain and cancelled their payments so I can't find their accounts except by searching for their email. I assume it's done by using grep, any...
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    how to insert customer's email into "user message" (welcome email)

    How do I insert customer's email into "user message" (welcome email). I need the |variable name| for the customers email. Is there a place that lists all variables?
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    timthumb.php not working

    I can't get timthumb.php to work on my FreeBSD 7.0 DirectAdmin configured server. Anyone have any ideas? It runs fine from the command line but doesn't work in many of the commercial Wordpress themes that my customers purchase and install. Thank you in advance.
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    is there a way to limit email sending on a per user basis?

    I just updated to DA 1.4x and I wonder if there is a way to give each user it's own email sending limit in /etc/virtual? I've been using /etc/virtual/limit to limit to about 600 per day but I have some users who need to send out large email newsletters, but don't want to give this option to a...