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    Server Admin

    Thanks to everyone that provided a proposal, it's much appreciated but I have made my decision and selected what I hope is the right individual for the limited needs that I will require.. Cheers and Thanks Again.. Ed =============== Just got a new server and have DA CentOS installed. I'm...
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    Lease a Dedicated Server

    I'm shopping to lease a dedicated server complete with CentOS 6. x 64-bit, latest versions of MySQL and PHP, firewall protection and a DA license if available. If not I'll buy another one. If you have one or know of one available at a decent price send me a PM.. I have one opportunity now...
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    Server Admin Needed ASAP

    I'm having issues with my Linux/CentOS Box and require and experienced Server Admin to update and harden it up. First issue is that it is blocking me out and will not let me near it for some reason. Colo informs me that it maybe the firewall. Firewall has been turned off and it still will not...
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    Need some help quick please

    I think my server has been hacked and it's attacking other servers.. I thought my colo was off the his rocker when he first complained to me yesterday.. Today he got another notification from a different source... Need an experienced Linux/CentOS server admin to check out my server and correct...
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    MySQL Log Error

    Just happened to be on my "Process Monitor" and every 10 or 15 seconds I get this error popping up on monitor: 2735 mysql 18 0 129m 21m 4028 S 99.7 0.5 2:59.52 /usr/sbin/mysqld --basedir=/ --datadir=/var/lib/mysql --user=mysql --log-error=/var/lib/mysql/
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    Need some help please

    My system load averages go through the roof every once in awhile, as they did this morning "Warning: The system load average is 12.25" I'm looking for someone that is knowledgeable enough to go in and diagnose the cause of these load surges, spend a couple of hours (or less if required) in...
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    Connection Refused.

    I have one customer who resides in Australia and he cannot view any sites on my server including his own. I sent him a list of about 50 sites and all he got on all of them was a "connection refused". I'm not getting this report from anybody else and I have customers worldwide and for the life...
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    Creating Subdomain Issues

    Using the "Subdomain Management" feature in the users control panel, I created a subdomain called "" for a client I host. Why is it that when I try to go to access the site via browser: I continuoulsy get a "Cannot Display????? ... I see...
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    Move Users

    This would be a fantastic addition to DA if it were a browser based solution rather than an SSH solution... I've never created a poll and this is my first but I sure would like to see if other DA owners would appreciate a browser based...
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    Users Login History Bug

    For DA Support.. Please repair or remove the Login History link from users account managers.. Preferrance would be to repair it as I'm getting tired of telling my customers that it is an irritating bug in the admin panel which the producers or the software have let slide for months now..
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    Ban all mail from: X-Mailer: The Bat!

    Is there any way to ban all mail produced by this software "" from a server???... It's an unbelievebale producer of spam mail..
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    How To Get Rid of Webmail Links

    I found the code that I would to get rid of in one of the files: |*if SHOW_LINKS="yes"| <a href="|HTTP|://|HOSTNAME|/squirrelmail" target="_blank">|LANG_WEBMAIL_SM|</a><br> <a href="|HTTP|://|HOSTNAME|/webmail" target="_blank">|LANG_WEBMAIL_UEBI|</a><br> |*endif| BUT I'm pretty...
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    FrontPage Extensions

    Create admin function to turn off Frontpage Extensions so users cannot have the ability to use this obsolete feature? Microsoft doesn't support it anymore neither..
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    Database Usernames

    The varchar is currently set to 16 characters for mySQL database users. Have the software automatically crop the username when it is submitted to appropriate length. Current setup keeps creating an error and is an open invitation for support tickets. Better still, create an admin config...