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    cgroup usage

    I tried api, but, the installation was not completed even after 4 hours on an 8gb box. I quit it. ( I did not try recently ).
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    How to create an auto login url for an end user in PHP?

    Hi, In CPanel, using php, we can create a login url thru api, which allows an end user to login to his cpanel account just by clicking the url. I saw that DA has recently added a feature which is similar and given at But, there are no php...
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    error in da install script

    Hi, When I tried to setup DA, at the end it shown following errors.. /root/ line 1992: unexpected EOF while looking for matching `}' /root/ line 2011: syntax error: unexpected end of file Here is the code present.. 1987 #run it 1988...
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    cpanel to da : none of the sites work after migration

    Hi, Installed da on a new server. created reseller package. transfered main reseller account first. restored all user accounts next. created name servers(ns1/ns2) with server ip. changed custom name servers ips at registrar to point to new da server. All sites went offline! disabled csf...
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    Managing DA reseller thru WHMCS?

    Hi, Using whmcs 7.6 I got a DA reseller account and tried testing it thru whmcs. But every time I try "test server connection", it returns a failed error. ( full msg : "The request youve made cannot be executed because it does not exist in your authority level") Screenshot ...
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    pre/post virtual host include files location for apache

    Hi Coming from cpanel. Do we have any pre/post virtual host include files for apache in DA? If yes, where the files are located? If no, is there any cli method to implement it? thanks