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    Apache outgoing/outbound IP

    As a general rule, even if a domain has a private IP address in DirectAdmin, the IP for outgoing request (PHP scripts in my case) still uses the servers shared IP. I have two domains, that use a third party security service which requires that the outbound connection from my server uses a...
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    Apache Segmentation fault (Centos7, Apache/2.4.12, PHP 5.5.26)

    Problem - websites working perfectly fine start to load forever. Apache restart helps. Secondary problem: Apache semaphores are not cleared. Apache error_log is showing: [Mon Jun 15 20:46:49.816604 2015] [core:notice] [pid 9529:tid 140340115335232] AH00052: child pid 20588 exit signal...
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    VPS licence

    Is there a VPS licence available? Some forum topic hint that there is and some web hosts sell you a DA licence for as low as 5 USD per month, so there must be a cheaper option. As DA support has not asnwered my e-mails over a month now, maybe they can share this information here - if there is a...