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    CSF Firewall ( share custom rules

    As you all know, 'CSF Firewall' incorporates the option to add special rules to block anything that is not covered in the code base. In the 'CSF forums', there is a 'thread talking about' and describing some rules that users have been added. However, most are specific to CPanel and of little use...
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    Night Apache log rotation

    Is there any script that runs before do log rotation of apache domains logs? Something like: TIA
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    Why I have 'copies' of exim executable files in '/usr/sbin' directory?

    Looking for exim executables, I found that in my '/usr/sbin' directory I have copies of all exim executables with '.O' at the end except thereof exim, see the following partial listing of that directory: -rwxr-xr-x 1 root root 10910 nov 12 03:14 /usr/sbin/exicyclog -rwxr-xr-x 1 root root...
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    Small 'cron' problem in Custombuild 2.0

    Custombuild: 2.0.0-RC7 (rev: 1122) Every time the cron runs (daily) and if no updates, receive an email with the following: /etc/cron.daily/custombuild: --2014-11-16 04:11:58-- Resolving
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    Small problem with custombuild 2.0

    Hi, When do a ./build update I get this: exim.conf 4.3.0-alpha2 to 4.3.0 update is available And when I run './build exim_conf' and after './build versions' I get the same message. Tried to downgrade to the 4.2.2 version and upgrade after without success. Besides this, also found a little...
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    How to compile 'webalizer' (without errors) to add the functionality we want

    Since most of my users do not read English too well, needed 'webalizer' submit their reports in his native language, for this reason it was necessary to recompile. However, in doing so I found a problem with the inclusion of the 'gd' library, which obviously was not available because he had not...
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    Request Custombuild small modification to Webalizer

    As many know, when you compile Webalizer can add several extra options which unfortunately can not be added by default for all users, for obvious reasons. Personally, I would like to add the option '--with-language=<language>' and some other, but as 'CustomBuild' is built does not allow me to...
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    Multi domain SSL certificate ?

    I'm going crazy looking for information about SSL certificates, I wonder if there is an SSL certificate that can secure multiple domains and subdomains of these and also serve to protect the mail (dovecot and exim) and the FTP server. Searching the web I found the 'PositiveSSL Multi-Domain'...
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    Clean DA install, some weird things I do not understand

    I recently performed a clean DA install on a new server to change an old machine and I found some interesting things that have perplexed me, if anyone can explain it, I'd appreciate it. OS installed version: 'CentOS 6.5 Final' (32bits) DA installed version: '1.46.3' Custombuild version: '2.0'...
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    [HOW-TO] Wildcard subdomains to wildcard directory w/o .htaccess

    Tested on DA 1.38.3 with Apache 2.2 What you get Request of 'httpd://subdomain.domain.tld' or 'httpd://subdomain.domain.tld/index.html' are served from '/home/user/domains/domain.tld/public_html/directory/subdomain/' or '/home/user/domains/domain.tld/public_html/directory/subdomain/index.html'...
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    DirectAdmin for Enterprise 6.0

    Anyone know when it will be available DirectAdmin for Red Hat Enterprise 6.0 / Scientific Linux 6.0 / CentOS 6.0 (when ready).
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    CVE-2009-1151: phpMyAdmin Remote Code Execution Proof of Concept

    New exploit on phpMyAdmin, time to update? Affected Versions For 2.11.x: versions are not affected. For 3.x: versions before phpMyAdmin version on last Custombuild 3.1.5 don't worry if you are updated.
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    Need to be active 'xinetd' using Dovecot?

    Until now I have xinetd enabled because I use one old DA version but after I move to new one (1.33.1) with Dovecot I'am thinking on disable xinetd. But before doing something wrong, better ask if there is any problem. 1 - Need to be enabled 'xinetd' using 'Dovecot'? 2 - There is any dependence...
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    Why not change UebiMiau with Telaen

    UebiMiau is only in maintenance mode, no new release from version 2.7.9 except minor security patches. But here is one new webmail app forked from UebiMiau, Telaen. Someone test Telaen in DA?
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    SquirrelMail 1.4.9 Released

    SquirrelMail 1.4.9 Released