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    how to always check mx records, no internal mailing

    Direct admin, Centos 7. I hope you can help me, I have problem with internal mail delivery Domain A moved his email to MS365 (everything works good, disabled setting 'use this server for outgoing mail' etc) Domain B (also on this server) emails domain A via VPS. The VPS tries to deliver the...
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    domainpointer and external mailserver

    I have a account: Unchecked "Use this server to handle my emails" so all mail wil be send to the clients own mailserver. Then I have added an alias domainpointer ( My problem is that emails adressed to, send by a web form, are not beeing sent to the...
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    A record slow resolving

    I need some help with setting up the DNS records. This question might be already been asked, but can't find it on the forum. When I have a existing domainname on my webserver, and I want to add (or change) an extra A record like '' and point it outside my server (for example)...