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    cpanel to directadmin - no emails in webmail

    We are suffering from a big and strange problem! We just migrated one of our servers from cpanel to directadmin and everything is working fine except webmails. We migrated emails manually by moving /home/username/mail/ to /home/username/imap/ ...
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    Webmail - An error occurred! Invalid email address

    I just transferred my websites to my new directadmin server. But today I found that webmail shows the following error and says the email that I entered is not valid! I tried other emails with different domains but suddenly all emails are facing same error. An error occurred! Invalid email...
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    LVE Manager Plugin Does Not Appear in Admin Panel !

    Installed cloudlinux + lve manager on my server but it didn't add "Cloudlinux LVE Manager" and "Cagefs" options to my admin panel ! I used uname -a to check the kernel. It contains "lve". What am I missing here?
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    Nginx_Apache - Httpd failed to start

    I just installed Directadmin on my new Cloudlinux server and configured it to run nginx_apache. But once the DA installation finished, I realized that httpd is not running and when I try to restart it I get the following error: # service httpd restart Redirecting to /bin/systemctl restart...
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    502 Bad Gateway nginx_apache

    Hey guys, I installed nginx + php-fpm on a CentOS server and also installed APC on PHP-FPM. Now my customer wants to use nginx_apache instead of nginx+php-fpm I first switched from php-fpm to fastcgi using the following commands ./build set php1_mode fastcgi ./build set mod_ruid2 no ./build set...
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    Error on suhosin installation

    I'm trying to install suhosin extension on my centos 6 server. But "make" command returns the following error (I already running php 5.4) /bin/sh /usr/src/suhosin/suhosin-0.9.38/libtool --mode=compile cc -I. -I/usr/src/suhosin/suhosin-0.9.38 -DPHP_ATOM_INC...
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    Unable to build PHP !

    Hello, I'm unable to build PHP. I've added SOAP in configure file and then tried to build php using the following command ./build php all But I keep getting the following error everytime I do the above command Trying to make FreeType... ^ builds/unix/ No such file or...
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    Email Sending Failure

    Hello, I have a centos vps with DA. I'm hosting only one website on this VPS and sending 30-40 emails per day (at max) The account has daily email limit of 500. but today I found that my emails are not delivering to customers because maximum daily email limit exceeded! Exact error in exim logs...
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    Backup Issue

    Hello, I'm trying to create a new scheduled remote FTP backup task in my DA but I always get the following error: Error during Backup Creation Details unknown host. ncftpls: cannot open unknown host. /usr/bin/ncftpls returned error code 1 FTP information invalid. Any...
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    How to Upgrade Packages of an Old Custombuild ?

    Hello, I just purchased a new directadmin VPS. But it's running old custombuild (PHP 5.2.9, Aapache 2.2.11 ,...) How do I update my custombuild packages? Any suggestion will be appreciated.
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    HTTPD Starting up Issue

    Hello, I followed this instruction to install mod_security. At the last step I ran "./build apache" But at the end of build process, I've got the following error: make[1]: Leaving directory...
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    lfd on : Excessive resource usage

    Hello, My LFD is keep sending me notifications more than 30 times/min containing following: Time: Fri Jan 13 00:00:19 2012 +0330 Account: bindayc Resource: Process Time Exceeded: 15445 > 1800 (seconds) Executable: /usr/local/php5/bin/php-cgi Command Line...
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    Apache stoped working after building php

    Hello, I've added imap into /usr/local/directadmin/custombuild/configure/ap2/configure.php5 and then tried building php with the following command: # ./build php 5 But after building, httpd has stopped working and getting the following error: # service httpd restart Stopping httpd...
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    Error during installing suphp

    I was installing suphp on my DA server but when I running command "./build all d", after a while I get some errors (you can see bellow): . . . make[3]: Leaving directory `/usr/local/directadmin/custombuild/dovecot-2.0.16/do...
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    phpinfo is not showing suhosin extension

    I've installed suhosin extension on my server but phpinfo() is not showing suhosin. How do I add suhosin as a extension on phpinfo() ?