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    Email Server is down

    If the above advises don't help and services are running, then try again and provide the log line from mainlog and/or rejectlog from that attempt. Maybe one can see in there what's wrong.
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    TLS error after update Exim to from .0.3

    At this point I had a lot of those logs too, but not from customers, only from a single dynamic ip range trying to bruteforce.
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    [feedback] Close the "Reselling Directadmin" forum part.

    Or close it for new threads. Some people don't understand internal licenses are not allowed to be sold. Others still don't understand that lifetime licenses transfers are not supported by DA anymore and should not be sold anymore. And if you sell the account, there is always a risk with payment...
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    ERROR 2002 (HY000): Can't connect to MySQL server on 'myserverIP' (115)

    And i presume is your server ip? I said "try from external system". If I do try to connect it says: [root@server: /etc/csf]# telnet 3306 Trying telnet: connect to address Connection refused so port is not open. Edit: Posted at the same...
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    ERROR 2002 (HY000): Can't connect to MySQL server on 'myserverIP' (115)

    Nope, that is only checking if a port is listening, not if the port is opened or not in the firewall. I don't know if the iptables command is correctly, I make life easy and use CSF/LFD as firewall for Iptables. You might try. Try this from external system: telnet your.server.ip.addres 3306 if...
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    ERROR 2002 (HY000): Can't connect to MySQL server on 'myserverIP' (115)

    That is netstat and has nothing to do with your firewall. ;) Check if the port is opened in your firewall.
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    Internal license

    @Darius Unfortunately Hetzner does not and does not want to provide Da licenses yet. :( Asked them for somebody a couple of weeks ago.
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    External MX message

    Yep good idea. Or maybe create a detection like cPanel has. So if one of the local ip's is not used, local mx is disabled automatically, or by selection choice., but on the same page. So loose the seperate mx page as it is now and put all on the same page.
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    New documentation

    Oh then the biggest provider in the Netherlands, Ziggo (which I have) does not do anything with dnssec since it's working fine here. Not great news.
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    New documentation

    Works here too.
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    Purchasing DA from host? Or straight at DA?

    Hello Adrian. You're welcome. However, I know Transip very well (ben ook Nederlander). And they are not the only one offering the full license for €5/mo, there are more providers offering at that price. Reason is that they have a special agreement with DA for datacenter/bulk licenses. So it's...
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    How to update ConfigServer Security & Firewall?

    It's just a warning. If you look in csfs.conf at RESTRICT_SYSLOG you can see what it does. If you want this notice gone, use either RESTRICT_SYSLOG=2 in csf.conf or use 3 but then you have to define a syslog group if I'm not mistaken. To prevent another warning set this: CC_SRC = "2" it's...
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    mod_php is not a valid setting for php2_mode option

    And it's also still the case that if mod_ruid2 is enabled with this, you can't run multi-php (so like php-fpm as php2_mode) correct?
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    Did anyone notice a weird character in the latest exim.variables.conf file ?

    Thank you. I use several mirrors, but I don't use that setting yet in my directadmin.conf so my servers would use the default setting. Nice you discovered this issue!
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    Configure DKIM for email addresses

    Yes EXACTLY. Hostname is present in /etc/virtual/domains file, should be in there indeed. Ooooh... wait... it says local data NO on setup... not local mail NO. Pffff... :cautious::rolleyes:😏