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    CSF setup problems

    Hi guys, on 3 different server i've opened, on csf, several ipv4 ports, same overall configuration on the firewall. TCP_IN 20,21,22,25,53,80,110,143,300,443,465,587,993,995,2222,4949,990,35000:36000,2501,2195,2196,5223,5228,5229,5230,3306 On two servers everything work correctly, on another...
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    Let's Encrypt Hostname correct update

    On a CentOS7 DA server i had an Let's Encrypt hostname correctly set like always: Now on this machine i've changed hostname and i've generate again the related Let's Encrypt But result certificate is invalid: Hot to fix it? Thanks
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    Problems with shared let's encrypt certificate

    Hi, on my server the hostname it's like "" under Let's Encrypt SSL. but, if i use for imap and smtp on any domain, SSL are usually recognised by any client, email working correctly but after any SSL renew it's not longer recognised. If i use
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    Help for custom Apache rule or .htaccess

    Hi, i need help for create a rule on Apache or a custom .htaccess to redirect any link like: to Any suggestions? :confused: Thanks!
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    Error adding ipv6 to domain

    The first error persist (tried on another domain): After this error, in any case the ipv6 result assigned to the user and i can add AAAA records manually. Let's Encrypt renew doesn't work anymore if there is any ipv6 address. In the same server i've addedd two more vanity nameserver with...
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    Error adding ipv6 to domain

    Dear forum users, i read with the right attention here: and here: Now in the last step: User Level -> Domain Setup -> at the bottom of the page, you'll see "Add another IP to"...
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    Shared Let's Encrypt ssl error on mail

    Hi, please need some suggesttions/help. On Directadmin/Centos7 server, i've installed the shared Let's Encrypt ssl for admin login and as mail certificate. After any automated renew, on any Apple devices (using "Mail" program or app) and sometimes "Thunderbird" or any other Client under...
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    Setting roundcube into subdomain.

    Hi, i've used these guide in my case i've added: <VirtualHost |IP|:|PORT_80| |MULTI_IP|> ServerName email.|DOMAIN| ServerAdmin |ADMIN| DocumentRoot /var/www/html/roundcube CustomLog /var/log/httpd/domains/|DOMAIN|.bytes bytes CustomLog...
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    URGENT mysql and httpd errors

    Hi, my server is down on both httpd and services, look at least i've read here and tried cd /usr/local/directadmin/custombuild ./build rewrite_confs but i've this error: -bash-4.1# cd /usr/local/directadmin/custombuild -bash-4.1#...
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    Change suPHP setting for asingle user on directadmin Httpd.conf

    I've installed suPHP and configured everything including the "500 Internal Server Error" using this guide All clear. But now i want to change back to "paranoid" mode for some user, in few words change in user's Httpd.conf: <Directory...
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    Exim + Dovecot strange problem, some email are refuses

    Hi, i've two servers with similar Hardware Both with DA (off course) and: Apache 2.2.22 Running DirectAdmin 1.41.1 Running Exim 4.80 Running MySQL 5.5.27 Running Named 9.3.6 Running ProFTPd 1.3.3c Running sshd Running dovecot 2.1.9 Running Php 5.3.16 Installed + LFD and Spamassassins...