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    uninstall kiss 1.4

    Hi How can I uninstall kiss 1.4? Now I see somebody in the same subnet can`t send my any E-mail and I can`t sebnd it to the domains on the same subnet. Thanks!
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    Open mail relay

    Hi, I see on my server open mail relay is active. How can I block this option, and what is it doing? Thanks for your help!
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    blocking using own SMTP server

    Hi, How can I block for ALL users the SMTP server? I don`t accept sending E-mails from our servers to other mail servers. If someone wish to send a mail he can use his SMTP of his ISP. Where can I set this point?
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    own 401 errorpage

    Hi, I see in the filemanager that the 401.shtml is edited but the 401 page is not showing online. Where can I set my own 401?
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    size MYSQL databese

    Hi, How big is a MYSQL database for a normal user / domain? Where can I change this setting? Is the size included the alocated diskspace
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    redirect only

    How can I make a package without FTP but only mail and redirecting?
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    Header field too long (>1024)

    Hi, How can I set the header field for the mailinglist to a higher setting? Now I get most of the time the error: Header field too long (>1024) Thanks
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    no squirrelmail

    When I reboot the server after the update with: squirrelmail I don`t have: Where and how can I fix it?
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    User SSH to root

    Hi, How can I block SSH to root from a user account?
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    resend welcome mail

    Hi, It is a nice opton to resend the welcome mail to the customer BUT the password is always: * irretrievable * Is it possible to show this in the resend mail? BTW, the default skin, is that allways updating with new versions?
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    How To install firewall

    Hi, I see on my server all ports open. Have someone a good howto to inslall a firewall to close the ports? Just let me know!
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    Blocking IP adres

    Hi, How can I block an IP adres so that IP adres doesent have access to our server? Is there any portscanner for DA servers active? Thanks for your answer.
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    resellers start page

    Hi, On my server I have a default startpage made by myself for my costomers. The resellers on the server has the same page, how can I give the resellers the default DA start page?
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    Hi, I have some domainnames registered and only put the domain details into the DNS server. Now I what to redirect the domain to an existing website. Is there a option to add something into the DNS server to redirect the domainname to an existing website without making a virtual account? Pls...
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    php scripts problems

    Hi, I try on my server a lot of scripts but every time I get an error. Notice: Undefined index: versie in /home/tieners/domains/ on line 19 I take a look, Register_globals is off now, but the problem is still there. I test the script on a cobalt...