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    A way to block local user?

    I have searched and search - no luck. I have a local user that owns a domain. It of course created as a username. Now, although it could be an infected WP issue, which I am still investigated, BUT, it seems that likes to SPAM...
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    Your license OS (CentOS 6) does not match the OS installed (CentOS 7).

    Why am I getting this error when I did a clean install of CentOS 7 on 2 servers. One works flawlessly, and one shows this error when I do ./build versions? Thanks Kat
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    Spam, but not spam related

    I was thinking I was going to post this in one of the spam forums, but I don't really think it is related. Here is why. Had DA with Custombuild 2.0 build running on CentOS 6.10 - and was working nicely for years - and all spam features working flawlessly. Upgraded server (same physical...
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    CB 2.0 broke roundcube?

    Hi, Been going through the threads and can't really find anything about it, but I recently (ok, so I am late) updated to CB 2.0 and when I did, it seems roundcube is no longer working since it got upgraded to 1.3.4 my users are seeing: CONFIGURATION ERROR was not found. Please...
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    weird - domain/email issue (email at gmail)

    Ok, here is a strange problem I am banging my head against a wall. I have 3 systems, all with DA. One of the systems is running a domain for a client but DNS is on the registrar's system. Email is also hosted at gmail. So basically the DNS entry points to my server, and the MX records point to...
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    2 users managing single domain

    I have googled around, but nothing specific. I have a company owner, and a web designer that want to both manage the domain. There must be a way to give admin rights to 2 users for a domain? Or at least so the company owner can manage all the email addresses? thanks Kat
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    Upgrading in place?

    Hi all, If running DA on CentOs 6.9, can one still do an in-place upgrade to CentOs 7 and DA will continue to function? Cheers
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    ServerAlias shows old content?

    I have a very strange problem. Well I think it is strange at least. I setup a client website which works OK. But, setting up a serveralias delivers the wrong content, i.e. older content. I can't for the life of me figure out why. An example is - because there are 3 servers in a pool, each one...