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    Not pleased at all

    Not pleased at all ! Hi, I have to say (after needing a OS and DA reinstall because of hard disk failure) that I am extremely unhappy with the speed of Direct Admin, as they needed 5 hours to reinstall the whole thing which I think it is unacceptable when you are addressing the hosting market...
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    Mysql configuration file

    Hi, I have FreeBSD DA server. Does anybody knows where I can find/modify the mysql configuration file ? Thank you. Catalin
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    Backup on 2nd hard disk.

    Hello, I know it sounds a little dumb but: I would like to make the site backups on a second hard disk on the server. I have noticed in the backup function of DA that there is a path to and from the files are saved/restored, something like '~/admin/user_backups'. Is there a way to change...
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    Exim problems.

    Hi, I have a FreeBSD/DA server, no modifications on it. 1. I have setup a domain on it and apparently emails are not sent from that domain. 2. Also, emails sent to users from DA are not passing so it is most probably a configuration problem at DA install, as I have not made any changes to the...