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    TLS error after update Exim to from .0.3

    tls1.1 is indeed being dropped on our servers. For a while now.. (this install is 72 days old) But the ciphers seem to have changed recently causing Apple (iOS and MacOS) clients and newer windows clients to fail.
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    TLS error after update Exim to from .0.3

    Hi All, Last monday I've updated our servers Exim version from to and immediately after that the logs started filling with these kind of errors: TLS error on connection from [x.x.x.x] (SSL_accept): error:1408A0C1:SSL routines:ssl3_get_client_hello:no shared cipher I've tried...
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    Let's Encrypt and it's missing e-mail field

    Hi All, I've got a question regarding the missing e-mail address field. One of our servers is being used solely by a reseller. We manage the server. Since the latest update we're receiving let's encrypt notifications on our admin user's mailaddress. As I've read in the release notes it's a...
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    Bandwith, disk usage etc not being updated for some users

    Hi all, I've been noticing some weird behavior on one of our DA servers. A few users haven't gotten their stats/usage/bandwidth etc updated by the nightly tally. When I run a manual tally for a user, it updates it like it should. When I run a Tally All the user(s) get skipped. Showing with...
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    overwrite settings made in default php-fpm56.conf

    I've got php-fpm installed using custombuild 2.0 Every user gets it's own php-fpm56.conf file that it uses. But for a certain user I want to overwrite a setting: php_admin_value[display_errors] = off <--- Generic for all users in the /usr/local/directadmin/data/templates/custom/php-fpm.conf...
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    Spamassassin driving me NUTS

    I've been running into an issue for a few days now and can't seem to find a working solution. The situation is a new server running CentOS 7 Ran this one during install: Then after a while, when taking server in production, I found out that the...
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    DNSSec on DA wich functions both primary as secondary

    Hi, We've got one DA machine functioning both as primary and secondary DNS for it's configured domain names. on one domain DNSSec somehow got activated. This resulted in DNS SEC enabled servers (e.g. Google Public were unable to resolve because of an error. The error that we receive...
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    Restore: Everything is restored but user is unavailable

    A few months ago I moved a few users to another server. I did this using the admin level backup restore function. Everything works perfectly, but when I change a user in DA I get the error: setquota: User <user> doesn't exist. When i check the system, the users don't exist in /etc/passwd and...
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    Spamassassin blocking mail from other domain, but same server.

    One of our clients receives mail from another client which is on the same server. But every e-mail this person sends gets blocked by spamassassin running on our server. When I do this from our server from several test domains everything works fine. But this client keeps getting troubled...
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    Email Quota displays wrong sizes

    Hi, When I check a user that has gone over his / her quota I see that one mailbox is using a lot: 28.520 / unlimited I select the box. Hit empty and nothing changes. I then check his /home/username/mail/ file it has a file size of 0 I've hit the update quota...
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    User with 2 domains and sites, split into 2 users

    Hi, I've got a customer who has splitted his company into two different companies managed by 2 different persons. Currently the customer has two different sites running on 2 domains managed by 1 user. What we want to do is the following: Create a new user, transfer 1 site/domain from user A...
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    build php fails with error

    Hi, I'm trying to build our second server with php 4.4.4 and GD with Freetype and TTF support. Just like our first server. I've installed freetype 2.1.10 changed my configure.php: ./configure \ --with-apxs \ --with-curl \ --with-curl-dir=/usr/local/lib \...
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    new domain user not able to mail to itself

    Hi, created a new domain created several popaccounts when a user tries to email certain users in bcc and add it's own e-mail address in the to field the exim mailserver bounces it: 2006-07-07 12:24:13 H=(pcname) [62.59.36.x] F=<> rejected RCPT <>: to unblock see...
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    Over quota e-mail won't be sent if reseller is admin

    just a question: why is it that a reseller of mine gets the following e-mail: User username has used up 0.004047% of his bandwidth and 118.667% of his allocated disk space And the admin user never gets any e-mail of this kind. The bandwith usage I know because my users have unlimited...
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    Suspend on limit warning e-mail?

    Hi, We've moved from a Raq to a DA server but we forgot to check the suspend on limit section of the sites. several users have exceeded their quota and are going waaaay over this limit. When I check Suspend on limit, will the user be notified by the system or do we have to do this ourselves?