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    DirectAdmin SSL cipher lists for servers not update

    Hi, I see this and i cross check with mine and are different the configs Example Dovecot was to v1 the same for NGINX , exim etc Durimg DA update confings dont updated too ? What I must do to disable old TLS / Ciphers ? I have auto update enabled...
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    New Directadmin forum

    Congrats with this upgrade looks awesome.:)
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    Error Bandwidth Reseller Calculation Suspend Accounts

    This is an automated message notifying Reseller x that 32338.7 % of their bandwidth has been used up. It is estimated, at the current rate of use, that the account will be used up in -10.0 days, at which time the account will be suspended for the remainder of the month. The server Admin and...
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    Domain in server A Live site in server B setup help

    Domain setup under develop in server A Live site in server B setup help Hi, I have a domain to server A I want to create a new website for this domain and I want to setup in server B Without nginx if you add under /etc/host of your machine the records of server B you could work website and...
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    CVE-2019-11043 PHP-FPM/Nginx Vulnerability

    Hi, Lets understand the exploit This is an exploit for a bug in php-fpm (CVE-2019-11043). In certain nginx + php-fpm configurations, the bug is possible to trigger from the outside. This means that a web user may get code execution if you have vulnerable config. ## What's vulnerable If a...
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    Multi DNS setup

    Hi, I want to setup 4 name servers and use them,,, There are 4 different servers all with DA license My problem is that I can do work ns1 with ns2 via multi server setup but I cant add the others I receive NS not responded...
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    Clamav gui

    It would be nice to have by default CLAMAV GUI and be able to scan via GUI interface
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    Mail Statistics Summary Gui EximStats ( In Admin View )

    It would be nice to have a button to show us a page with all mails stats command eximstats With eximstats we can have full statistics from Exim mainlog in a html page.
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    Install and configure tmpwatch on DirectAdmin server

    Hi, Its safe to install and setup tmpwatch to check every 24 hours or need more ? yum install tmpwatch Put into crontab (or editing /var/spool/cron/root) this entry: Code: 0 * * * * /usr/sbin/tmpwatch --mtime --all 24 /tmp
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    Custom Usage Report creation

    Hi, I want to make a report for User , Contact Email, domain(s), Package, Reseller How can do that ? Which command to execute ? BR Antonis
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    User Packages Report

    Would be nice to have a webpage to show for each user the package which is assigned When we migrate accounts from other panels its easy to forgot to assign package to user, with this way would be easy to have a report for every user which package use
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    Awstats import from cpanel account migration

    There is any way to import old AWSTATS from CPANEL migrated accounts ? In CPANEL there are under username -> tmp -> AWTSTAS ( or WEBALIZER if you have enabled )
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    Whmcs reseller commands

    Hi, I want to connect my WHMCS with my main Reseller account Which of below commands needs to enable :confused: for properly setup connection ALL_RESELLER ALL_USER CMD_ACCOUNT_USER CMD_ADDITIONAL_DOMAINS CMD_AJAX_CHECK_DOMAIN CMD_AJAX_CHECK_PASSWORD CMD_AJAX_CHECK_USERNAME...
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    4 Records for Nameservers instead of two

    Hi, It would be useful to have 4 records for name servers instead of two There are case that would be very useful to admins, especially when they have DNS clusters