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    SLL do not turn on

    I create user with SSL In httpd.conf I see <VirtualHost IP:443> than I modified user (turn off SSL for some reason) <VirtualHost IP:443> disappeared But when I try turn on SSL again <VirtualHost IP:443> not appear in httpd.conf, so https does not work! (but in user.conf SSL=ON) It is in two...
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    is it possible to add in DA some another custom scripts: and (for /CMD_CHANGE_DOMAIN) it will be usefull for all ;)
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    wrong group of files in subdomain

    Files in public_html owned by username:apache so user can use permissions 640 but subdomain create as username:username why?!! so user must use permissions 644 and files may be viewed in shell by others
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    I didn't found info about script like No information in /scripts/custom/README Is it in DA? Does DA support another scripts not described in that README file?
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    Apache users Logs placing in home partition

    Hello I changed template of virtual_host.conf: CustomLog |HOME|/domains/|DOMAIN|/logs/|DOMAIN|.bytes bytes CustomLog |HOME|/domains/|DOMAIN|/logs/|DOMAIN|.log combined ErrorLog |HOME|/domains/|DOMAIN|/logs/|DOMAIN|.error.log Now logs place in /home partition Apache is...
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    It will be useful to use multiply email in User Info

    It will be useful to use multiply email field in User Info (separated by space or comma or may be few fields: Email Email2 Email3 It is so often that user not get important information from DA (about limits, account info after account was opened!!! and so on) because their email not works...
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    Apache restarting too often - how to miss it?

    1) Is it realy that in DA apache restart every time when user created? This is the reason of bad apache's uptime when there is a lot of users on server. Especialy it is problem when we have users with 120.000 hits per day (visitors every second) (I know that some Control Panel has special...
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    Sendmail turn-off option in package

    it would be useful to make possible to turn sendmail (exim) off for some accounts in Admin Panel for some reasons: 1. Necessity...
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    Webalizer and access and error log files - optional

    Webalizer, access and error log files - optional (logs move to user quota) I think Webalizer and access and error log files especially has to be options because 50% (or more) don't use this ... and this is the reason why we need more HDD space for logs :( And of course, logs must be including...
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    problem spamassassin in new DA 1.226 on FreeBSD

    try to use "Send the spam to the seperate spam folder." /home/user/.spamassassin/spam was created with owner user bash-2.05b# ls -l -rw-rw---- 1 user mail 2943 27 OAI 11:26 spam exim log: === ...... P=spam-scanned S=2758 id=200409270736.i8R7aEtL001861@biz1.b
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    Incorrect total disk usage in 1.225 DA

    see pic total disk usage = database disk usage + email disk usage but must to be total disk usage = disk usage + database disk usage + email disk usage
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    Simple billing in DA

    We think you should add a little piece of billing to your panel and after that we can't imagine price for it ;-) Moreover we even can propose how to do this. It will not be difficult for your developers. If you add this feature in near future you'll increase rating of your panel to...
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    problem with CMD_API_SHOW_USER_CONFIG

    I think that CMD_API_SHOW_USER_CONFIG must NOT work at User level But it works!
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    How can I using different skins in demo

    I want to have 2 demo accounts: 1)with encahced skin 2)with power_user skin But there is only one demo skin in admin's settings allow (Document Root to Demo Skin ). How can I using different skins in demo (may be some switch between skins...)?