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    Letsencrypt uses ipv6 record

    @smtalk thank you for the reply. I now realize that I added a ipv6 record to enable ipv6 on my server some time ago. I decided to postpone ipv6 to my next server migration (to get some time to implement and test) I removed the ipv6 record for this domain now.
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    Letsencrypt uses ipv6 record

    For one domain Letsencrypt automatic update fails. For this domain I use the dns service of my registrar, and point this to my server. In the error message I found that Letsencrypt uses the ipv6 record: Error: is not...
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    Spamassassin tries to connect to ipv6

    I get lots of messages like these in my logs (mail.err): Jun 29 08:43:31 server spamc[22603]: connect to spamd on ::1 failed, retrying (#1 of 3): Connection refused Spamassassin seems to work normally, but I wondering why I get these messages. Especially because Spamd is started with ipv4...
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    Custombuild Exim is installed over Debian version

    I have some small issues with Exim (see ) It turns out that Exim was already installed on my system and I didn't see it before install (I checked Apache etc. but oversaw Exim) The mail system is running fine now, but I fear things go wrong...
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    A few Exim issues (non critical)

    I have installed a fresh Directadmin system on Debian 8 I have a few issues with Exim. The first issue is a cron.daily error: run-parts: /etc/cron.daily/exim exited with return code 123 The second issue is a paniclog entry line this: 2017-06-15 09:39:45 1dLPNY-0003PX-5P unable to open...
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    Disable access by ip

    I have a setup with Nginx and Uwsgi for a Django site. This site is running on a separate ip address for a https certificate. If someone tries to access the site by ip I get an error message because the ip is not in the allowed host in the Django settings. Of course I can change this, but I...
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    Custum root directive for some vhosts

    The Nginx root directive is standard like: root /home/example/domains/; For some domains I have to change this into: root /home/example/example; How do I manage this? I tried this using Custom HTTPD Configurations, but I end up with errors like diplicate root directive.
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    mod_wsgi problems

    On my old server with Apache2.2 I use mod_wsgi without problems. On my new server with apache2.4 I cannot get mod_wsgi working properly in daemon mode. In directory /var/logs the wsgi socket files are created normally, but there seems to be a problem reading those socket files. Running mod_wsgi...
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    Custom httpd.conf configuration only for port 80 or port 443

    I am trying to insert some custom configuration for mod_wsgi into httpd.conf. The problem I have is that the custom rules are inserted for both port 443 and for port 80. This leads to an error (duplicate entry). How do I make an admin entry that wil only be inserted in the virtualhost :80 (or...
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    Expat version used by apache2

    I have a problem with mod_wsgi crashing because Python and Apache2 are using the different versions of libexpat. I found out that Python uses the system expat version 2.0.1 Apache 2.2.25 uses /etc/httpd/lib/ which is version 1.95.7 Directadmin is version 1.43.3 Is there a way to...
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    Several email are not deleted by spamassassin

    Since a few days, I receive a few spam mails per day. The mails are marked as spam, but are not deleted by Spamassassin as they should. The exim log show this: exim/mainlog:11730:2013-05-11 09:07:04 1Ub3tX-00013V-2r <= <> H=( [] P=smtp S=822 T="This Company Makes The...
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    Exim or Postfix problem?

    I am trying to setup a software pbx (Trixbox). Trixbox uses postfix to send e-mail voicemail notifications. The problem is that these notifications are refused by my Directadmin server. I am 100% sure that the credentials I used for the Directadmin smtp server are right. This is the error...
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    succesfully installed exim 4.71 and now?

    I have installed Exim 4.71 with DKIM support succesfully, using custom_build The configuration file exim.conf is not altered (which is a good thing). Exim 4.71 with the old config is running without problems. I will now describe the things I have done so far to get dkim working. Please let me...
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    problem with Thawte certificate

    I have a reseller with one domain and one ip-address. I have ordered a Thawte ssl certificate for this domain. I have created a .csr and a .key file manually, and used these for ordering the Thawte certificate. I now want to apply this certificate by the admin panel, but i cant get it working...