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    Can't Access subdirectories via URL

    Thank you. I tried adding the htaccess file and still can't access the subdirectory. The main directory already had an htacess file in place.
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    Can't Access subdirectories via URL

    Our FTP server was recently updated to the latest DirectAdmin and we're having URL issues. We have a subdirectory /uploads under the public_html directory that contains subdirectories. We used to be able to send someone a URL (i.e., and they...
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    403 Forbidden on directory - HELP!

    I'm getting a 403 Forbidden error on any directory I upload via FTP from browser access, see: http://www.schifferftp/uploads I've added an htaccess file under public_html to no avail. All I want to do is for browser access to list the files and folders in the uploads directory. Saw one post...