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    csf doesn't allow remote MySQL

    You might try tightening security on this and only allowing remote MySQL from the required IPs.
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    Hello World plugin example 404?

    I just installed a test hello_world and it seems to be working fine. I'm using perms 711 on plugins directory with ownership diradmin.diradmin Is anything logged in the DA logs (/var/log/directadmin/)? What if you run the panel in debug mode while trying to load the plugin...
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    Hello World plugin example 404?

    This only happens for admin and no other user? Do you have any other plugins installed that are accessible for admin?
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    Hello World plugin example 404?

    what is the complete url of the admin plugin button?And the url that opens when you click it?
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    New Install Login Redirects

    Can you check if you’ve got IP validation enabled in the DA conf?
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    rspamd problem

    Awesome! Thanks for sharing your resolution!!! :)
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    rspamd problem

    Did you enable it at the user level? The user_prefs file needs to be created for users.
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    Getting timeout error in filemanager

    Hi! Do any of the following contain any errors, possibly about resource limits (max_execution_time, etc) being exceeded? /var/log/directadmin/error.log* /var/log/directadmin/errortaskq.log* /var/log/directadmin/system.log* Thanks,
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    URGENT: All sites offline

    Hosting providers may set this up by default with a self-signed SSL as a security precaution. You wouldn't want a brand new box with a insecure ip-based login that you would use to log into the box to declare a hostname and then install the hostname SSL in the first place (many have yet to point...
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    URGENT: All sites offline

    Yep, that is one way. Next time you load https://IP:2222 in the browser, click the warning/padlock icon for more information and follow the prompts to see exactly what SSL it uses for that connection.
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    URGENT: All sites offline

    That is most likely just fine. Communications are still encrypted, it is just that the browser cannot vouch for the SSL since you are using the IP to access rather than a domain/hostname (as SSLs are not issued for IPs, just domains). You can proceed on past the SSL warning to access...
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    URGENT: All sites offline

    Hi! Looking at, it looks like the DNS zone file for the domain may not be loading at the server, or Named is failing. grep -i kill /var/log/messages grep -i "not loaded due to errors" /var/log/messages service named status
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    Email Quota not resetting, Traffic stats not updating and Backups not running

    Hi! Is your dataskque getting ran? cat /usr/local/directadmin/data/task.queue
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    How did you try to fix it? Is the domain using a php version different from the default php version used on the server? If so, is open_basedir enabled in the default php version and does the test pass if you disable it there?
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    rsync 'Connection refused'

    Is the ssh port open for outgoing connections on the old server(csf: tcp_out)? I saw you could connect incoming on both servers but if you’re connecting incoming to the new server from the old server, the the old server will need the ssh port open outbound.