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    SquirrelMail 1.4.23-20150507_0200

    Do my eyes deceive me? I had set Squirrelmail to no in options.conf along time ago as I had installed a nightly build on my servers to get PHP 5.4 support and ./build versions kept telling me there was an "update" to a lesser version, 1.4.22. Is DA now packaging SQmail nightlies or providing...
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    Pure FTPD 1.0.41

    I didnt see an announcement thread on this to post an issue to so I am creating it here. I am unable to update: tls.c: In function ‘tls_init_ecdh_curve’: tls.c:56: error: ‘EC_KEY’ undeclared (first use in this function) tls.c:56: error: (Each undeclared identifier is reported only once...
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    Is squirrelmail still being actively developed?

    Is squirrelmail still being actively developed? It's been a good while since an official build has dropped.
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    Suhosin 0.9.35

    0.9.35 is now officially out: SOURCE: DEVELOPER AT GITHUB: 2014-02-24 - 0.9.35 - From now only PHP >= 5.4 is officially supported - Fix problems with the hard memory_limit on 64 bit systems -...
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    One mail user cannot log into squirrelmail

    This is an odd one. The error I get in PHP is: Script timed out before returning headers: redirect.php, referer: Every other mail user on this domain can use SQmail no issue. This one user CAN login to RoundCube. I've checked things like the...
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    Suhosin 0.9.35-DEV

    After two years, Stefan has committed some updates 2014-02-xx - 0.9.35-DEV - Fix problems with the hard memory_limit on 64 bit systems - Fix problems with user space session handler due to change in PHP 5.4.0 - Add changes in PHP 5.5 session handlers structures for PHP 5.5...
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    ... isn't a valid license name

    I was going through our key manager today and trying to clean some things up and notice that I cannot update any of the hostnames on my licenses. For example, a license with name can't be updated to It just says: isn't a valid...
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    Suhosin + PHP 5.4 + Roundcube, anyone got it working? [WORKING]

    EDIT: See the fourth post for full installation instructions Recently we upgraded to PHP 5.4 and did a compile of the latest source of Suhosin to get PHP 5.4 support. This broke Roundcube with the way it handles sessions (0.9.5) so I disabled suhosin, however, in Googling around Roundcube says...
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    [EXIM] Patch to allow mail to be sent from a domains dedicated IP

    This would need to handle automating/keeping current: /etc/virtual/interfaces And adding the following to exim.conf: remote_smtp: interface = ${lookup{$sender_address_domain}lsearch{/etc/virtual/interfaces} {$value}{$MAIN_SERVER_IP}} It would also be nice if a mailhelo file could be...
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    How does custombuild handle customized exim.conf?

    We run a rather customized exim.conf based on a much older spamblocker version. Things like: -send email from accounts dedicated IP -clamAV -dkim ...etc I know in CB I can ./build exim_conf but theres nothing in the way of documentation (that I can find) that speaks to how it handles this...
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    Scan outgoing mail for SPAM

    cPanel uses the following: acl_not_smtp: # BEGIN INSERT outgoing_spam_scan warn condition = ${if <= {$message_size}{200K}{${if forall{<, $recipients}{match_domain{${domain:$item}}{+local_domains}}{0}{1}}}{0}} condition = ${if eq{$originator_uid}{0}{0}{1}} set...
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    Forcing SSL, delays in redirect to HTTPS

    If I set SSL=1 in /usr/local/directadmin/conf/directadmin.conf , there is a considerable delay time before the browser loads the HTTPS version of the login screen. Is there anyway to make this happen instantly?
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    Has anyone successfully upgraded OpenSSL to 1.01?

    CentOS per usual is too far behind and lacking the newer and more secure protocols. Has anyone successfully upgraded their OpenSSL install on a Cent5.x server?
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    Disable forwarding to AOL

    Is there a way to block users from using an AOL address as a forward address? It's no use trying to educate how AOL treats spam to AOL users.
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    Want Exim to reject mail if mailbox quota has been met or exceeded not bounce

    I would like to edit my exim.conf such that mail is rejected if a users box is full instead of keeping the bounce in the queue for days on end. I've seen suggestions to override the quota for the user or even delete the user all together but I'd rather keep the seal of integrity and just not...