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    block a gtld

    Is there a way to block a gtld with the blacklist files? I am getting spammed hard from .asia domains and just want to block them all. Thanks
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    mod_ruid2 on FreeBSD

    Does mod_ruid2 not work on FreeBSD. I see on that it lists only Linux support and when I try to compile it on FreeBSD I get errors. mod_ruid2.c:47:23: error: sys/prctl.h: No such file or directory
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    [HOWTO] Limit directadmin users max processes on linux

    This guide is to create a limit on the amount of processes directadmin users can run at a single time. It uses /etc/security/limits.conf This example would limit all directadmin users to 20 processes max. If you want to limit to a different number of processes change the 20 in...
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    Found new open source webmail (Afterlogic) Anyone ever see this one before? It seems nice.
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    forum search time increased

    This forum requires that you wait 5 seconds between searches. Please try again in 159 seconds. Wow are you frickin kidding me? Why was this increased. This is very annoying..................:mad::mad::mad::mad::mad:
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    forum signatures

    I am getting sick of having to report posts because stupid idiots are spamming with their signatures...why cant you just set it so that you cannot add a signature until you have at least 25 posts.
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    phpmyadmin setup folder

    Is there a reason that the setup folder in phpmyadmin is left after install? I am getting alot of people trying to access this folder... can it be removed after install. Thanks
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    Crontab MAILTO

    Is there a way we can add a feature so that we can add and edit the MAILTO feature of cronjobs via DA. It would be nice so when cronjobs fail that the user will get the output to their email. I would like to see a way to add/remove/edit an email for cronjobs. Syntax:
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    Clamd high mem usage

    PID USERNAME THR PRI NICE SIZE RES STATE C TIME WCPU COMMAND 71886 flowoorg 5 20 0 6544K 5640K kserel 2 44.9H 0.00% sc_serv 71889 flowoorg 5 20 0 5328K 4392K kserel 0 44.1H 0.00% sc_serv 1950 clamav 1 4 0 109M 99M accept 1 207:28 0.00%...