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    Internal Server Error on WHMCS admin

    Hi, I have finish install whmcs but it show error page at the admin but it is working fine at front end. May I know how to fix this? error as below:
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    port 2222 missing

    hi, my vps directadmin suddenly cant access. when i try http://ip:2222/ it not show out the login page. i check my directadmin status, it is dead in ssh. how to fix this problem ?
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    exim running but email not send and keep in mail queue list

    may i know how to solve this problem. my server exim is running but email not working. exim status is running. this is vps. is it possible this vps not support email services? [root@server1 ~]# service exim status exim (pid 2255) 正在运行... [root@server1 ~]#
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    email not working after remove the entire queue

    my exim queue list to long to follow below instruction cd /var/spool mv exim exim.old mkdir -p exim/input mkdir -p exim/msglog mkdir -p exim/db chown -R mail:mail exim after that i remove exim.old now i notice my user email not working. how to fix this?
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    /dev/mapper/VolGroup-lv_root 100%

    may i like is it normal on the space?
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    ssh command not working

    may i know what problem caused this? hard disk problem ? how to fix? i scare off and on my server will dead directly.
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    Subject: Warning: 100 emails have just been sent by kuchingren

    may i know how to find out the problem? everyday this account send out a lot of email but the account owner tell me he not use the email service. why like that? is it some script auto spam mail out from his account?
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    zend installation

    i have downgrade my php from 5.3 to 5.2 i try to install Zend with below cmd cd /usr/local/directadmin/custombuild ./build set zend yes ./build zend it show error as below [root@server3 custombuild]# cd /usr/local/directadmin/custombuild [root@server3 custombuild]# ./build set zend yes...
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    user list in the server but username not found in backup list

    hi, user list in the server but username not found in backup list how to fix this problem Regards seachen
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    zend not working

    copy the word i circle right? pasta at where?
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    import mail to Gmail using pop3

    may i know how to do the setting for Gmail pop3? which port should I choose?
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    zend not working

    my directadmin server using centos 6 64bit. i have install suphp i install zend, but it is not working, is it suphp caused the error ?
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    unknow user process high load

    how to solve this this problem?
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    new account index.html hacked

    i notice when i create new user account. the index.html include the below code: may i know how to remove this ?
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    Daily Email Limit per DirectAdmin User not working

    i notice that user still can send a lot of email out even i set the limit at "Daily Email Limit per DirectAdmin User" from Mail queue list, still got a lot of spam mail.