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    IMAP Compile question

    I've installed CustomBuild but realized that there is no support for the --with-imap function (something we very much need). How can I go about adding this into the custombuild script and rewriting? (I'd be very surprised if you can't add this command and compile php as easily as you can with...
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    CentOS 4.5 OUT

    CentOS 4.5 is now out.
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    Fedora 64 Petition

    After talking with John he stated that if there was enough demand for Fedora 64 they would work on it. I've had a few customers sign up wanting Fedora 64 bit with DA so I'll put my name in here first. If anybody else would like to see this feature request please add your name to the list. If...
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    CentOS 5 x86_64?

    DA + CentOS 5 (i386) seems to be going smoothly from what I have heard. Is the release for the x86_64 version coming out soon as well? :D
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    CentOS 5 Beta Forum?

    Will there be a CentOS 5 beta forum out anytime soon...possibly?
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    Centos 5 Released

    Now just waiting for DA to work with the x64_86 and i386 CentOS 5 version :D.
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    HEADS UP - CentOS 5.0 is now on mirrors

    CentOS is now synced up with most of the mirrors and the realease can be anywhere from now to within 48 hours. I'm hoping the DA admins see this and grab the copy quick (I would really love to see DA support CentOS 5.0 first :)).
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    FreeBSD...5.x...still not moved out of beta?

    I was curious if 5.x is still gonna be kept in beta or will it be moved shortly? DA has stated allready that 5.x series is out of BETA and that leaves only 6.x in there.
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    Php With Imap Support On Freebsd - How To

    Ok, so linux has php with imap support and today I've spent a few hours figuring it out. Credits: As always thanks to the DirectAdmin support team for helping along the way :D. NOTE: WE ARE BUILDING IT WITH SSL SUPPORT! cd /home mkdir build cd build wget...
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    IMAP + PHP Question/Problem

    I'm trying to install PHP with IMAP on FreeBSD and I'm having a little trouble. The instructions are as follows: cd /home mkdir build cd build wget tar -zxvf imapback.tar.gz cd imap-2002e ./buildit cd c-client make slx...
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    This is a tutorial I met at BSDTechTalk (located at: ) Thought I'd share it here with everybody. I hope this helps some people who are interesting in getting a firewall up for their BSD system (although they should be :D). ==================...
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    Fresh FreeBSD6.0 install - Bug Posts

    I'm testing FreeBSD 6.0 with DA. So far everything is working beautifully. DA I will post what I have found. 1) lib files need to be updated (I fixed this by having compat5x available on my box). 2) /usr/local/directadmin/customapache/build needs to be updated. (I fixed it by just installing...
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    Looking for BSD Admin Volunteers for DirectAdmin Community Forum

    Hello fellow DirectAdmin Users, BSDTechTalk is seeking qualified applicants to act as Community Specialists. What are Community Specialists? Community Specialists are akin to Forum Specific Moderators. As a Community Specialists, you would lead the Forum in meaningful discussion. You would...
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    Any ETA for 5.3?

    I just installed a new FreeBSD 5.3 box 92+ hours ago with DA. I'm having trouble because my domain name refuses to propogate to the server. Everything is correct on the server end and everything is correct on the DNS end. I contacted DA and got the following ideas: ------- Try restarting...