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    IP Doesn't existed when restore

    Hi New setup server face problem as atached file. It can't see the IP of the server. Afrer restore admin, no Package are founds so I have to copy from the old server. Please help!
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    Is this a bug? > no ioncube is not a valid option

    Setting up a new server it get this error: Please advice.
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    phpMyAdmin not accepted file size in phjp.ini

    Max File size in phpmyadmin is 2MB (Max: 2,048KiB) /usr/local/php56/lib/php.ini has concerening values as follows: Server is VPS : -------------------------- upload_max_file_size = 64M post_max_size = 65M memory_limit =512M max_execution_time = 300 -----then--- systemctl restart php-fpm56...
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    How to add 'webmail' A record in all domains?

    In How I can add 'webmai' into all existing domains. #92 used to have this small scripts but after update the script is gone. Please add it again. Thanks
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    Can create 'Name' in Current Backup Crons of Admin Backup/Transfer

    Hi 1). We can't create a meaningful name in the the cron list area. If we can modify the default "Modify" column to a "meaningful Name" then it will be much more easier for us to know each cron is for Daily, Twice, Tri, weekly or VIP Customers. For example: If space is not enough, where can...
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    nginx_apache problem with modsecurity

    Hi Server has problem with domains don't work properly on nginx_apache with modsecurity. New installation of DA nginx_apache with modsecurity are properly. Anyway, when open any domains hosted here always have errors: Errors on nginx. I have modify nginx.conf as in...
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    modsecurity on nginx_apache fresh install failed

    Hi I have issues from installing modsecurity on nginx_apache with the following steps > -> set mod get errors: and see errors: In the folder /usr/local/cwaf/rules/ there is not files at all Please advice how to fix it. Thanks
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    Real IP in |Warning: The system load average is xxx".

    Hi When using Cloudflare, all logs files are using Real IP correctly but the ips in "Warning: The system load average is" are cludflare's IPs. Please show Real IP in the Warning System. Thanks
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    Can I use modsecurity with csf & iptables?

    Hi I i install modsecurity, I should disable csf and iptables (DA Brute Force Monitor) or not? Thanks in Advance
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    Hi Old server is mod_php with mod_ruid2 New server is php-fpm56 + 53 without mod_ruid2 Only 2 domains migrate from OLD server to NEW server always have this error : . Remarks : After restored, these 2 sites are not auto enable > 30 minutes and always give 2 lines in httpd error_log : The...
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    How to use register_globals in php-fpm for only each user

    Hi Server : nginx_apache, php 5.6 php-fpm some program in the server is not running properly as it requires "register_globals". How I can enable "register_globals" for only each user in php-fpm. Thanks
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    how to load new php.ini setting in php-fpm with nginx_apache

    Hi I modified php.ini but new value is not changed after running: It will change only I run but httpd is changed to default too. How I can reload just the new /usr/local/php56/lib/php.ini setting in php-fpm56? Thanks
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    Where is MySQL 10.2 log file?

    Hi Where is MySQL 10.2 log file? . It is not /var/lib/mysql/HOSTNAME..err any more. Thanks
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    Upgrade MariaDB 5.5.6 to 10.0.36 has errors!

    Hi Old server is damage and have to install DA in a new one. Upgrading from MariaDB 5.5.6 to 10.0.6 has the error below: Anyway, installation is finished and MaraiaDB is running with V. 10.0.36. In this case, Database will have any problems or not? Thanks