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    Custom virtual_host2_secure.conf with custom php script inside it

    Does anybody know why this feature stopped working? I'm having same problem as described here.
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    Generate SSL automatically after account is created

    - updated version, it checks pointers and subdomains, then include subdomains in domain's cert. This thing important for the users, who migrates from another system (cpanel) to directadmin, like me. So may be better is to include to cpanel_to_da plugin.
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    Generate SSL automatically after account is created

    ok, I had adjusted, for now it is checking current certs on the server for domain's pointers and check cert date end. - here is updated version. If developers can take a look, it will be fine. I'm using this updated script on my servers for now.
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    Problem with Certificate Auto Renew Let's Encrypt

    This day has come! I had modified and added checking date expiration. If cert has been expired today or tomorrow - script will request LE to get the cert. Here is it: