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    Backup Restore from Cpanel to DA error

    This thread overviews how to use the cPanel to DA conversion tool: This post is particularly informative: It has to be...
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    Backup Restore from Cpanel to DA error

    This one is common when restoring to an account with a different username. It will change the SQL prefix. As far as everything else, did you restore a cpanel backup directly or convert it using the DirectAdmin script?
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    CSF+Modsecurity+Cloudflare is possible?

    Hello csf -e to enable csf -v to view version number files at /etc/csf/ If there is nothing you can follow Poralix' guide: cd ~ wget -O chmod 700 ./
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    CloudLinux Support

    CloudLinux develops and maintains it, they're the one getting the licensing money to support it.
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    CSF+Modsecurity+Cloudflare is possible?

    I believe CSF ships by default starting a few releases ago, or at least with "auto" after your install command. If not, you can follow this guide: That and Mod Security...
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    I need someone to install DA on VPS cent6_64 PHP 5.2.17

    Ah, good spot, thank you. So I think the only hope for OP is by using CloudLinux for the PHP selector (assuming you can enable 5.2 through that?) and Hardened CentOS6.
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    DA monitoring and Zabbix

    No worries. From within the forum I can see Zabbix as a recommendation here, here, and here but some are rather old threads. What is your use case? I mean, do you have room for trial and error? If you have sufficient backups, etc.. why not give it a go? Sorry I couldn't be of more use :-)
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    DA monitoring and Zabbix

    I have not used ZABBIX, but if you are looking for detailed resource usage I am personally using HetrixTools. They provide a script for that. For example: Runs without any issues. They also have DirectAdmin PHP monitoring available for user accounts. Maybe that could be of interest...
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    [Full Skin] einDa!

    How about "Customize Evolution Skin" for Evolution? It enables you to hide certain sections from different usergroups as well as rename and relink them. I wouldn't have suggested it if you had other needs to do with the EinDa skin.
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    I need someone to install DA on VPS cent6_64 PHP 5.2.17 seems to indicate that the CloudLinux extended support version of 6 is supported. You can change your php version in /usr/local/directadmin/custombuild/options.conf or via the following commands (post-install): cd /usr/local/directadmin/custombuild...
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    Cleanly reinstall mysql 8

    The remove/reinstall sql help page says "usually avoid doing this unless you've lost all your mysql user/passwords" about restoring "mysql". If you've got all the files to recover from any potential errors then personally I would test without restoring those.
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    Cleanly reinstall mysql 8

    If you had backups from prior versions, you may have been able to restore and re-upgrade from the old version to the new version. The page I linked was updated within the last 4 months. It will remove your SQL data so please back up your databases and store copies else where. cd...
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    Directadmin + whmcs or blesta?

    When logged in as admin you should see "Manage User Packages" under "Account Manager". You can try to search it. If you do not see that option, double check you are logged in as admin and that there's no reason it would be hidden. (Like customised skin options).
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    Difficulty in setting "Catch-All" option by domain

    Understood. In my test the Catch-All Email "Address" input box updated correctly depending on which user I selected in the drop down, without having to navigate out and back in to the page. So, I am assuming your issue must be related to something specific within your set up.
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    Change admin email?

    You can add a receiving email for plugin updates in /usr/local/directadmin/custombuild/options.conf to run via a cron job. You can add a receiving email for LFD alerts in /etc/csf/csf.conf