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    PHP Extensions

    Sure but thats why i am confused accoording to: Its live so i am a bit in doubt. Thats why i asked.
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    List all PHP-versions for all domains

    May I suggest and extensive edit of the readme. since it looks like you have covert most concerns people are just not aware ?
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    List all PHP-versions for all domains

    only for the running users i my case those are admins.
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    How do I

    So i have taken a stab at this before but got utterly lost. Could some kind soul give me perhaps the basic step by step how to would lets say add a custom icon and a link somewhere on the icon grid. Or a manual of some sort. I have looked into the vue but thats like a whole other ball game...
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    [Overview] Plugins, Scripts and other addons

    Hi and Hello, I have started listing and inventarising all plugins for directadmin for your convenience have a look: Anybody is free to add ofc.
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    List all PHP-versions for all domains

    Nice Plugin but bit cumbersome to install how about a installer to use with the plugin system ?
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    PHP Extensions So.... we got this since i am quite unsure if i am being retarded or that i am missing something. But the extensions list was already there I believe ? So Assuming it was not, Its not what i am looking for. So lets...
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    Pre-release binaries, how do I know if they are installed?

    As always sir you are a legend. Why are you not working at DA yet :)
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    php extension selector.

    Oh righto The new feature voting request system thingie is nice as wel. I wish the company's behind the softwares would come up with some pricing options for the part time hoster. Its not that cloudlinux or other related plugins e.d. is not worth the money. They are! but for me as a hoster for...
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    Problems on fresh installation

    Agreed the error seems to be just that everything is working and i have yet to see any corruption.
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    Problems on fresh installation

    confirmed: (note directadmin does seem to be installed and working) *** Error creating Admin User : ./data/users/admin/user.usage : Unable to get Lock on file:<br> open error for ./data/users/admin/user.usage.lock: No such file or directory<br> ./data/users/admin: No such file or directory<br>...
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    php extension selector.

    Is there any any open source version out there that works with/on directadmin?
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    Directadmin/exim/other not logging to (r)syslog

    Oh yes and no I hate to put another layer between it. Prefer a little steps in it I got exim logs working BTW. Still looking at DA log I am getting there but it has been a processes I plan to rebuild my server since i suspect a fundamental error crept in somewhere with all the messing about I...
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    [release] sFTP backups for DirectAdmin (version: 0.1.poralix)

    Confirmed. I am Idiot. Thanks for fixing ! 🤨🙃
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    nginx + varnish + apache + SSL ( working fine )

    Hoi Daan, Could be plenty its hard to say if the issue is still current got any logs from nginx / varnish ? it's a bit little to go on. If no errors are returned and it works fine then most likely either the wrong file was changed maybe domain specific maybe forgot to restart doubt it but still...