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    Hosting directadmin vps.

    OHhhh looks nice but in a post comparing them they referred to ovirt going for that one since it has integration in cockpit as wel. E'll let know how it fares.
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    Hosting directadmin vps.

    I am going to run dedicated hardware with vps on it. Any recommendations ? Like proxmox but really if at all like to stick to centos
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    Slack is basically the new IRC its a mix of discord and irc. Its widely used in open source development to quickly communicate and share information. My intention is to use (as it most commonly is used)it for quick dev exchange between plugin, theme, server owners. Its like the forum here but...
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    All, I created a Slack workspace if people are interested. More info here. I will in the course of the next weeks. Create plugin channel. with a index of all plugins. Setup rss feed from the forum. anything else.... Send me requests. It's not intended as a live support the best way to get...
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    Docker plugin

    they already have it ?
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    [solved] update ?

    Dns settings where messed up rebuild the whole named db's
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    [solved] Mystry of the day: Sockets::getHostName(): error: Unknown server error

    Good eye solved I had been messing with hostname and domain setup under admin forcing whats not allowed ☺ We now we know why its not allowed.
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    [solved] Mystry of the day: Sockets::getHostName(): error: Unknown server error

    Odd I keep getting: Sockets::getHostName(): error: Unknown server error its every query even the auto refresh as you can see below. This is ofc with debug on 2000 Its also in the logs that brought me to turn on debug any one any idea ? Sockets::handshake - begin Sockets::handshake - end...
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    [solved] update ?

    Odd so it should update then when dns records are added or changed?
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    Interest survey - 'remade/refreshed' enhanced skin

    Awesome I was actually planing to do this but I had to give up atn since I can't make the time to fully figure out node. MIght it be an idea to throw it it on Github so we all can help ?
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    [solved] update ?

    Hi was wondering this howto: Is it still good on centos the init scripts have moved so just wanted to check.
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    [release] sFTP backups for DirectAdmin (version: 0.1.poralix)

    IF you read the the other posts, You'll see i mentioned the exact same error see if that issue apply's to you as wel.
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    [Solved] php.ini locations/load order/best practice.

    Yep these are all php locations in directadmin.
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    Incremental backup plugin for DirectAdmin

    I,d like to know why would i pay half of a the retail price and actualy 3 euro more then reseller license for a plugin that extends the basic backup feature for DirectAdmin. Its a nice plugin from the looks of it. But it kinda bugs me a bit, you are free to set a price but since you are asking...