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    PHP-FPM Opcache optimal settings? opcache.enable_cli and opcache.file_cache

    Well... I'm really not able to duplicate this. But admittedly, I'm using a slightly modified and custom php-fpm deployment system. And unfortunately I'm a bit busy with other projects and really don't have time to dive into this right now. From what I'm seeing, even with...
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    PHP-FPM Opcache optimal settings? opcache.enable_cli and opcache.file_cache

    But can't a user use the opcache_get_status() function to see a list of all of the files - including those from other users - that exist within the cache? I don't know if there's anything they can actually do with those files - but they know they exist. I suppose you could disable the...
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    PHP-FPM Opcache optimal settings? opcache.enable_cli and opcache.file_cache

    I suppose it depends on how you have PHP set up. But in a php-fpm environment on a shared (multi-tenant) hosting server, I would think file based opcache would have merits. If you're using memory based opcache there exists the potential that different users would be able to view the cache from...
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    high load with modsecurity

    To anybody else on this thread... Is nobody else concerned that the apache-ip.pag and apache-ip.dir files are being reported as woefully large?
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    Suspension Details

    Regarding the new feature: Does this work? Any time I include a details in a POST with anything with spaces in it I get: [details] => Text contains invalid characters
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    BoxBilling Extension for directadmin

    Is BoxBilling still being developed? I thought their last official release was from 2015.
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    high load with modsecurity

    How large are the disk? What does df -h show? I mean ... 282261082030080 bytes translates to about 282 terabytes 578721382714580992 bytes translates to about 578 petabytes. I really doubt you have this much disk space. I'd almost say you've got some hard drive issues going on. It's not...
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    cgroup usage

    I tried cgroup templates some time ago. This sorta worked but also sorta caused stability issues that I was never able to iron out. This was all on CentOS 6. With CentOS 7 I thought they removed most of the cgroup stuff and moved to user slices - which really does not seem like the same...
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    high load with modsecurity

    What does just: ls -al /tmp/apache-ip.pag /tmp/apache-ip.dir show?
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    high load with modsecurity

    HOLY! Is that 257TB (as in terabytes) for the apache-ip.dir file? Is that 515PB (as in petabytes... or 1000 terabytes) for the apache-ip.pag? If so... that's definitely your problem. I'm still in awe that they are that large.
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    SFTP & PureFTP

    ProFTPd has mod_sftp module that can be used to enable SFTP for "ftp" users. I like this because it doesn't involve opening up full SSH for users, while still giving the benefits of SFTP. And it can also be made to work with virtual FTP users. But as far as I am aware, PureFTPd does not have...
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    CustomBuild versions - more detail

    Well... I mean, the point kind of was that nghttp2 is not listed there. I'm not sure if there are others that are missing or not. /usr/local/directadmin/custombuild/build | grep nghttp2 /usr/local/directadmin/custombuild/build help | grep nghttp2 But yet, in order to recompile Nghttp2 the...
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    A very uncommon issue... Please help.

    Why can you not create a new license for the IP address? Does the license have to expire first?
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    CustomBuild versions - more detail

    I think it would be beneficial if /usr/local/directadmin/custombuild/build versions Would include the specific option to pass to CustomBuild to compile that option. For example, an update to Nghttp2 recently became available Nghttp2 1.39.2 to 1.40.0 update is available. But listing...
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    Subdomains and certificates

    Perhaps this point has been brought up some where and I missed it. I did a search found some older threads, I think 2017 being the latest one I've seen. And it seems to indicate that this is not possible. So apparently you can't add a secure certificate to a "subdomain" in DirectAdmin? Is...