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    $#!tstemd cgroups CPU, RAM, IO, (TASKs?) made easy

    Yea, this is what I discovered when I first worked with this - many moons ago. It turned out to not be very viable, because the individual user slices weren't being used in php-fpm processes. But I do recall someone (probably @sysdev) mentioning a patch for PHP to account for this. And some...
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    $#!tstemd cgroups CPU, RAM, IO, (TASKs?) made easy

    I feel like I'm chiming in here out of place, having not really followed all of the recent discussion. I do recall that when I tested this ... you have to actually log in as the under-privileged user. If you just su - that's not good enough, the slices still come from root. At least that's my...
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    Version of cwaf rules not found in versions cwaf.txt

    I'm not sure if this project is still alive. There have been a ton of issues with the CWAF ruleset the past few months. They have a forum - - but the lack of activity there lends credence to this project...
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    Restoring backup - no zone file?

    Indeed, this does create the zone files. Turns out I was restoring package files from a path outside of /home/admin/admin_backups - and apparently that caused some issues as the restore process runs as admin. Once I put the package files in /home/admin/admin_backups and did the restore the...
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    Restoring backup - no zone file?

    Does restoring a DirectAdmin backup not create the DNS zone file?
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    When will DA have an new update ?

    Unless it's fixing bugs or security issues - I have no issue with the lack of updates. I have a strong dislike for updates just for the sake of updating. The *ahem* *cough* *cough* other popular control panel seems to make a big deal when a new version is released only to find out the only...
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    Prevent Domain Name Change

    Actually CMD_CHANGE_DOMAIN is already in the never_commands list. And they are still changing the main domain name. I suspect that they're creating an extra domain name and then making that newly created extra domain name the main domain name. And then deleting the old domain name. Like I...
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    Prevent Domain Name Change

    Is there a way to prevent end-users from changing the main domain name on their account? It seems that users are able to change the domain name on their account after it's setup without any administrative intervention. I'm not sure how they are doing it. This creates issues with billing...
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    Limit "disable_functions" for one user/domain?

    I assume you're using PHP-FPM? You would have to set the disable_function directive in the php.ini file to an empty set. Any function listed in the php.ini file for this directive is disabled entirely, set it stone, and cannot be re-enabled. Then set each php-fpm pool to include a...
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    how to make email log available to the user?

    I would think this would spill over into privacy concerns. The logs themselves are not split into individual users - so you have to depend on something grepping or finding log entries that pertain specifically to that user. What if that grep finds something that really doesn't belong to the...
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    $#!tstemd cgroups CPU, RAM, IO, (TASKs?) made easy

    I got a chance to look into this a little bit more. Unfortunately, this doesn't work with php-fpm. The user-slice information isn't read into the php-fpm pool fork per user. The user-slick information is only read from processes that originally start out from that user. Since the majority of...
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    Language Packs

    Is it still valid to retrieve non-English language packs from links in this forum? Even if they are nearly a decade old? I guess I'm a bit puzzled by this. I would think there would be a bit more official ways of getting common language packs by now (in particular Spanish). How do we know...
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    Can't install DirectAdmin

    How do you install DirectAdmin when returns: error=1 text=not active
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    E-mail forwarding to forwarded e-mails blocked by Google

    Oh! I agree with you. Getting people to change is difficult if not impossible. "You can pry these external forwarders out of my cold, dead hands" But - I don't think that changes the fact that it's a bad idea. I mean, better technologies is going to have a hard time getting a foothold if we...
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    How-to: cPanel to DA migration

    While I'm not saying that these issues do not need to be fixed, I've always viewed this cpanel_to_da script as a helper script, a script that does the majority of the heavy lifting in converting a cPanel account to a DirectAdmin account. But I encapsulate this cpanel_to_da script in my own...