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    Reprocess raw http logs into domain specific logs?

    Hi, I had some permission errors on one domain where it's webalizer stats were not being updated. I managed to finally get around to fixing this and decided to add awstats also. I have some logs in /var/log/nginx/ which cover june and july to present. Is there a way to have these logs...
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    Strange email problems I've never encountered -- admin domain email spoofing

    Hello, Having a few odd issues that I've not had to investigate before. I've only the squirrelmail client installed and have not tried with a desktop client so far.. not to mention the problem seems to, at least in part have magically healed itself. New DA users do not have the following...
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    Bare metal - and custom custombuild 2.0

    Hello, I've only used the CB1.2 option from before and then fiddled with CB1.2 options post install. Is there possibility during an out-of-box -> CB2.0 install to further modify what gets installed? I figured that I -could- go with the defeault -> CB2.0 option then...
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    I've been working on some scripts and would like to provide a notice / alert type message for admin. Apparently there is no way other than to use the API for creating tickets available. My first choice was to create a message from root or diradmin using .sh -- which is not possible AFAIK...
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    BFM - "No Data to Show"

    Since a couple of days BFM shows "No Data to Show" in the main listing area. I still have one recent attempt showing in the Failed Logins and normally the main display area is many pages. Confused since this doesn't seem normal, yet can't find any indications of errors so far. The only change...
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    Clarification on 'unknown user' log entries

    Hi, I read about this being normal, but as worded in the help article : it seems there would be one error logged for a valid user. RE: I'd consider the following two errors. Apr 17 23:29:03 srv2 dovecot[6308]: auth-worker(7560)...
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    DNS Understanding and Testing

    I came upon a nice assortment of information on DNS, DIG, testing and so forth by Prabhu Balakrishnan. Just wanted to post these couple specific links. The first one has several related articles Prabhu wrote at the bottom of the page. Troubleshooting Common DNS Misconfiguration Errors Using...
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    BFM - odd "IP Info" behaviour

    I have an IP that is known to me, which BFM produces alerts about on two DA servers. Using the "IP Info" on one server results in a time out message: Using the same command (dig -x xx.xx.xx.xx +noshort) that DA uses, in the server's shell works fine. Using "IP Info" for any other listed IP...
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    [BUG] / BFM - skip list feature labotomy

    I have a couple CB 1.2 installations and have been working with the BFM and think I finally know why the skip list seems to do nothing.. An integral BFM script managed to escape. (re: Skip List ) I don't get the impression the missing script is intended to be user created. I suppose it's...
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    Add New User and human error + automation error - black holed welcome bounce

    I added my first client type user and made a typo on the email address. It turns out that the @gmail address I input was not used (wow! imagine At the time the system was of default CB 1.2 flavor. Observations were: no 'Creator Duplicate' on admin using catch all mailbox...
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    BFM / iptables - reccomended vs default settings & admin respose options

    Log parsing allows alerts after event action / response. I can't recall if I toggled this on or if by default it was on.. At any rate I turned it on. RE: admin user -> admin settings -> security post event alerts will possibly be generated for a blocked IP (skip list = no) should procedure to...
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    shell based chat between users and servers

    During the installation of DA on one of my VM a broadcast with wall popped up.. That was all it took.. I scrambled to figure out what did that and replied with my greeting using wall. Since that moment I am unable to get the memories of all the telephone system abuse, bbs, fidonet, 2600 and so...
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    The irony!

    I have been reading very old DNS related posts here as some of the older posts break things down a bit clearer than more recent discussions. I happened to come across reference to "DNS Report" and figured I'd check it out..
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    Hard Config for /CMD_TICKET Sorting for users

    DA 1.45.0 - CentOS 6.5 The ticket system requires extra click(s) to keep work flow consistent.. Observations: Main DA Menu -> Message system link -> /CMD_TICKET?sort1=-1 Message system link (bottom left on enhanced skin) -> /CMD_TICKET (equ to sort 1 and/or 3 depending on context) EG...
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    Login Key - Limited use / time - Expired --> Mail / Message Sys to Owner

    I've been working some with the login keys and felt it could be nice to optionally be alerted if uses have been depleted and upon time/date expiration. Basically a checkbox for each of these conditions which disable a key, and perhaps even an option for auto deleted keys. It makes a perfect...