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    Unable to access DA after upgrade

    I upgraded my DA to 1.56 (?) using the upgrade utility. As soon as it was done I was locked out of DA. I can no longer access it on port 2222. Did something change with that?
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    Brute Force Monitor and IPV6

    I've had trouble recently with my DA Server denying me access from my home network, which appears to be on an IPV6 protocol. It does not appear that IPV6 is supported by the Brute Force monitor, yet I cannot get in. If I use a VPN changing my IP, I can get in. Any idea how I can identify and...
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    DA Disabled after update

    We just updated our DirectAdmin system from 1.45 to 1.47. This immediately disabled the DA interface, and it will not load. Error log reads: 2015:04:23-12:56:51: Socket write error: fd is connected to a pipe or socket whose reading end is closed. When this happens the writing process will...
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    Backup using SFTP

    I am trying to set up automatic Backups from DA machines to a machine using the ProFTPD Server. I seem unable to figure out how to configure that system to accept plain FTP, and DA does not seem able to use SFTP. 1) is there a way to use SFTP during the automatic backup, or 2) Anyone know how...
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    Domains not showing at User Level after import

    I am setting up a new DA machine, and had already created a couple domains under admin w/o issue. I also had imported 3 user accounts w/o a problem. However, last night I did a full restore of an admin account with about twenty domains. The files appear to all be installed, with every domain...
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    Looking to create proper PTR record

    I am having some email rejection issues on a new server, which appear to be based on a missing PTR in the DNS setup. Following the instructions at, I have a question. According to the instructions I should enter the server host names and the server...
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    Unidentified process running constantly

    Right now it reads as follows. One other problem, as evidenced here, is it is still trying to complete a backup that was started about 14 hours ago. It normally backs up nightly to a remote server without an issue, but the last 4 days the process has started and then hangs up. I discovered and...
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    Unidentified process running constantly

    For the last few days we have had a process running constantly that is consuming anywhere from 52% to 80% of CPU resources. We cannot track down what is doing this, and even though all sites except one low traffic site have been moved off it we still see this issue. The log files really are not...
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    httpd stopped - cannot restart

    httpd service stopped yesterday on one of our DA machines. Based on information elsewhere on this forum, from a situation that sounded similar, we rebuilt apache, which generated the following message upon conclusion: Stopping httpd: [FAILED] Starting...
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    FTP account naming convention

    Here is a really silly question, I am sure. We have multiple DA servers each running the current DA version (1.46.3). All run CentOS 5.0. We are setting up custom FTP access for a vendor on two of these machines. One of the machines will simply allow the FTP account to be "username", while the...
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    Unable to open ./data/admin/tickets.list for reading.

    We had a failing hard drive on one of our DA servers. It has been replaced, the RAID card has rebuilt the array, and everything seems to be operating normally, with the exception of the error message noted in the title. Any idea what would cause that? Thanks in advance.
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    Email with account as ReplyTo

    Please excuse my ignorance on this - I have started to receive a fair amount of bounced spam messages that appear to be originating on another IP, but have used my email address as the ReplyTo value. 1) is this potentially being caused by a vulnerability on our server, and 2) if not, is there...
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    Changing Log Rotation

    Our default on Apache logs seems to be a single day use, and then they are deleted. What function takes care of this, and how can we change this? I would like to keep 2 months worth of log files on the server. It doesn't matter if they tarball every night, but we want to be able to download and...
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    Remote mail server and Reverse DNS errors

    I am using a second DA machine to act as a mail server for one of my domains. I have the A record set to redirect to the mail server, and generally mail is operating properly. However, we are seeing a lot of 550 errors with mail being rejected due to a lack of Reverse DNS records. I am trying...
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    Installed Custombuild - now can't start httpd

    I just installed Custombuild and now can't sdtart httpd. Error is: Stopping httpd: [FAILED] Starting httpd: [Wed May 02 16:47:05 2012] [warn] module php5_module is already loaded, skipping httpd: Syntax error on line 27 of /etc/httpd/conf/httpd.conf...