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    Vacation Message all email accounts on domain

    Just checked domain admin add vacation page displays list of accounts for domain to set message. Is it possible to add option for all accounts, this command updates vacation.conf and relevant message files in reply folder. It should be easy to implement. Thanks
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    Vacation Message all email accounts on domain

    Hello, is there a way to set vacation message for all email accounts that are under domain. Thanks
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    Apache allowed methods : Delete

    [root@matrix custombuild]# ls /usr/local/directadmin/custombuild/custom/ap2/conf/extra httpd-ssl.conf
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    Apache allowed methods : Delete

    Thanks for reply. My options.con does have this enabled http_methods=GET:HEAD:POST:PUT:DELETE I manually added Delete in httpd-directories.conf and delete method works, but that will be overwritten and instructions from KB are not getting desired results. I did a test to see if steps from KB...
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    Apache allowed methods : Delete

    Hello, I am trying to add "DELETE" method in apache allowed methods. Followed this KB : and checked the forum for relevant post's but have not have found any definite solution. There is only one httpd-directories.conf, checked custom folder and...
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    Pureftp to Proftpd change error apache webserver lack of support of TLSv1.3 in OpenSSL

    Hello, using latest custombuild 2.0.0 (rev: 2446) with Server version: Apache/2.4.41 (Unix) Using web gui, changed pureftpd to proftpd and then build from Build Software tab. I am getting this error apache webserver does not support 'modern' ssl_configuration option due to lack of support of...
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    Server IP and hostname change

    Hello, we have changed our internet provider hence have to change directadmin server ip and hostname as well ( according to our service provider it could take upto 5 days for adding PTR records). I did created new A name record with ip ( that will be used for server) with namecheap and have...
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    LetsEncrypt Server Certificate changes domain certificate

    Hello, i had purchased certificate for server that expired. So i followed this kb to install Server Certificate LetsEncrypt What happened is it also changed ssl certificate for my main domain which had EVSS certificate. So my setup is i have as my server name, and one of...
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    Custombuild 2.0 showing : MariaDB 10.1.36 downgrade to 10.0.38 is available

    Hello, i am seeing "MariaDB 10.1.36 downgrade to 10.0.38 is available" in custombuild 2.0.0 (rev: 2177). This is first time i am seeing any script with downgrade option. Is there a reason why its there. Maybe any bug in 10.1.36 that i am not aware of. Thanks
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    Rspamd Web UI from poralix

    Hello anyone tried, is it safe to use this plugin thanks
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    Installing zammad community edition on directadmin managed server

    Hello, have anyone installed zammad on centos 7. I did found installation instructions for Centos Web Panel but not sure how that will work on directadmin. Thanks
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    Diagnostic-Code: smtp; 503 5.5.1 Need MAIL command

    Hello all, for starter mail server is working fine and all the services are updated to recent versions. There is issue with sending email to one domain, email fails with this error code SMTP error from remote mail server after pipelined DATA: 503 5.5.1 Need MAIL command Only other error...
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    DKIM Body Hash Did Not Verify

    Hello, i just did a test on for email deliverability. Under DKIM section everything passes but getting this error Can you please provide any information. I followed all the steps from this guide and added TXT record...
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    Godaddy DNS issue

    Hello my domain is not resolving in lot regions. If you check dns propagation i get lot of red crosses. Just want to make sure is this issue on my end or its godaddy issue. Thanks
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    Email stuck in Queue

    Hello, i have few emails stuck in queue with following error. Any idea how to resolve this. Thanks