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    Custombuild Changelog

    Hello, is there any Changelog for Custombuild available somewhere? Thanks, Tod.
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    Error on the default user page

    Hi, got this error after switching to evolution skin: TypeError: Cannot read property 'usage' of undefined at at at En...
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    ESF and DKIM check

    Hello, i have investigated today a weird issue of one of our clients, that did not received messages sent from another user from Office 365. In the log i have found that messages was blocked by ESF: 2018-03-21 10:19:01 1eyZtd-0009DX-PY ( [] Warning...
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    Pipe char in token value

    Hi there, is it possible to add the pipe charecter (eg. |) in the value of the custom tokens? I would like to add country codes to allow/deny based on country codes in a custom vhost template. In the custom template I'd liket to add one defult country code, then the others from the custom...