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    Connecting to sock failed 11: Resource temporarily unavailable

    When Linux (and some other operating systems) are under load the "Resource temporarily unavailable" error is more likely to occur. In my programs that get errno = 11 (EAGAIN/Resouse temporarily not available), I just keep retrying unless a different error was returned, it was successful or it...
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    Warning: The system load average is 26.5

    Since it is a VPS there is a very good chance the whole node had issues and everyone's VPS had high loads.
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    named crashing after installing spamassassin and easy spam fighter

    "Unregistered Authentication Agent" has nothing to do with named ( There is something else causing named to not load, and only looking at your log files closely will you figure it out...
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    named crashing after installing spamassassin and easy spam fighter

    None of those are related to named at all. 3 are ssh errors and another is for polkit. The firewall may be blocking outside queries to named but it won't prevent it from started. If the firewall is blocking, you need the command for the firewall you are using to open port 53 which is what...
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    named crashing after installing spamassassin and easy spam fighter

    Do you have bind installed? It should be according to the pre-install commands ( When I do a 'rpm -ql bind' I see that file (/usr/sbin/named-checkconf) was installed. It is missing for some reason on your system, either make sure all the...
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    Named crashing

    This must be new (or at least I must have overlooked it for a long time), but I see on the Admin access section of DA, look in the Admin Tools section, there is a Log Viewer. There is a dropdown called Log File that allows you to select many of the system and DA log files. From there you can...
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    Named crashing

    Really need the named log or system log or wherever you have named logs going. That will be the only one that helps pinpointing the root cause. Once you get it post the results and hopefully there will be enough info to help fix the issue
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    Directadmin always at 100% cpu

    You might also consider doing something like: strace -cirtv -p 11808 or strace -cirtv -o /tmp/datrace.log -p 11808 The first will spew lots of system calls to the screen and it may get lost, the second redirects the output to the file /tmp/datrace.log. This will give you a trace of all the...
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    After effects of changing account password with passwd

    DA keeps a password hash located in /home/${USERNAME}/.shadow for the user ${USERNAME}. It is used by exim in the /etc/ file to authenticate ${USERNAME}, so the passwd command would not update the password used for SMTP.
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    How are you supposed to know your existing password if your changing it?

    Here is a screen shot of the main account used as an email, notice there is a prompt for the old password, just like Jeff said: This is an email account that is NOT the main username, notice the lack of the old password prompt:
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    DA File Manager

    FYI I have noticed that the DA file manager doesn't seem to be able to handle files with embedded commas in them (i.e. Dovecot maildir files). No matter what operation I try on those file names, I get an error similar to this: /Maildir/cur/,S...
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    Majordomo digests

    I had a problem with a mailing list I ran, where the digests would get all messed up and it started creating a digest for every email, even if the digest size was well below the digest threshold. I figured out that the digest script was not deleting all the files in the working directory...
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    User backups

    I think I may have found a bug in the DA user backup. I created a user backup on one server, which had higher limits than the reseller on a different DA server. The restore failed due to the limits, but the userid was created on the server but never added to the reseller. Once that happens...
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    MySQL 4.1.14 Released

    Of course within an hour of me upgrading to 4.1.13, a new version 4.1.14 was released. I just upgraded to 4.1.14, the update seemed to work fine. No problems yet after doing some initial testing.
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    php 4.3.8

    Looks like php 4 has been updated as well, due to a few security issues.