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    error in da's conf after upgrade to 1.39.2 and 1.39.2

    Hi, after upgrading to 1.39.2, my reseller somehow lost his package. I saw that in admin menu, list resellers, modify user reseller the package was set to --select package and the list didn't contain any reseller packages. The way to change it was to modify reseller packages, edit my package...
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    awstats as cgi and httpd

    Hi, have the following problem : i 've seen that awstats can run as cgi. From the DA panel works ok when i choose a year's stats. But i have a problem in apache's cgi and i think suexec is preventing the scripts from running. I have the following in httpd.conf : <Directory...
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    awstats forbidden

    Hi, today i see that all awstats links are in the form : index.html -> That link is broken and as a result stats get a 403 You don't have permission to access /stats/ on this server error. Is there something i should change or update?
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    Bug with protect directories

    Hi, i 'm running the latest version of DA and i've noticed that DA append its protected directory code with such a way that deletes a line in existing .htaccess with the result of internal server error. How to reproduce : an existing .htaccess with : --------------------------------- <Files ~...
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    rar, zip problem after apache upgrade

    Hi, after upgraded apache to 2.0.63_16, all the archives that i upload, for example rar upload in a forum, fail to extract when i download them and produce a crc failed, file is corrupt. That only happens with the files uploaded after the update. Images uploading is ok... Did you experience...
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    da restore problem

    Hi, after a mistake i did, i 've restored /usr/local/directadmin from a backup. The backup was from 1 oct. At 3 oct i've added 2 user accounts. At 5 oct i've restored 1 oct backup. Reseller panel dont show the 2 users, but the /home/user1 and /home/user2 exist and when i add a user3 with the...
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    install php previous version from ports

    Hi, i've updated to php 5.3.3 and have many problems, so i used a backup to restore it to 5.2.12 I've also upgraded apache and need to recompile php and modules (many modules like mod_ssl etc dont work with the new apache version). My ports tree have the makefile of php 5.3.3, but i want to...
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    directadmin.conf values

    I'm not sure if this is the right place to post this, but it would be great to have a "all directadmin.conf options" like the "for all da versions click here" thread. A list of all options that we could use with the explanation of each. Thanks..
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    httpd.conf and php.ini wanted

    Hi, i'm moving from php-cli to php-cgi. I'm doing it with the manual way because i 've installed all programs from ports. I want to check some things in the httpd.conf and php.ini files. I would be graceful if someone used custombuild how to to php-cgi, su_php etc, could attach those 2 files...
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    user default shell

    Hi, i would like to add ssh access to my clients in order to use scp and sftp etc. I found a shell that only allow the above and i want to make it default to new user accounts. Is there a way to change the default user shell in DA? thanks,
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    DA virtual_host template files

    Hi, i've seen in /usr/local/directadmin/data/templates/virtual_host* files sections like : |*if CLI="1"| ..... |*if SUPHP="1"| ..... where can i change this values by hand and set for example CLI=0? thanks,
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    long username errors

    Hi, i 've posted this : but i see that it's not proftpd but a system wide issue. I 've tried to add a database with more than 16 chars length and i got the same error : Unable to add user voukidis_production. String...
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    proftpd long usernames error

    Hi, i've seen this error in my messages file : Jul 7 17:13:25 pindos proftpd[59857]: pindos ([]) - PAM( Name exceeds maximum login length (17) i've read that i should recompile proftpd with an alternate length, but i should first change...
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    DA change netmask

    Hi, i changed my servers ip using the ipswap script. My new netmask is different also and i couldn't find where i can change it. How can i change it? thanks,
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    filemanager files per page

    Maybe a variable in DA conf file , or in skins, so a user (or at least admin) can set how many records per page should be visible in filemanager...