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    Hi All I will the New one Here

    Welcome aboard!
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    Chrome store DA session

    The timeout it's in seconds not in minutes.
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    Chrome store DA session

    There are my values. Regards
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    Is it safe to use Pre-release in a production server

    I has same issue when I migrate too and I did the same thing.
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    Chrome store DA session

    Thanks! I will test It.
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    Chrome store DA session

    Hi, Today, as my daily task I opened chrome (CentOS7 on my PC) and my surprise was that DA session still active as a "remember me" function. I am using evolution skin. does anybody knows what happends here or can replicate it? Best regards
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    Debian or Centos, which one is better for Directadmin?

    Great and direct answer.
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    Permissions issues during web uploads

    chmod 755 to your UPLOAD_FOLDER or try reset permissions
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    Setting up a new VPS — looking for advice on server config and software stack

    It's sound good scenario. And @smtalk (MC2) it's your best choice. Besfore start migrating from cpanel I did the same way(testing sites before full host) to my three dedicated and couple of vps. Good luck!
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    Can't update DA

    Did you try ??
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    SQL Database export - max_input_vars not updating

    Do you have a php.ini in /etc?
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    [SOLVED] WordPress Asking for FTP Credentials” Error?

    Maybe can be chmod issues due php engine. Ex. If you came from suexec to php-fpm here can be the clue. Good luck
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    CMD_API_POP full_list

    Hi Regarding this The variable "sent" is the total of email sent per day or per life? Best regards
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    API for create backup for users

    Hi What is the API to allow users to create own backups without reseller's intervention? Best regards