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    MariaDB not reading my.cnf after updates

    MariaBD don't read my my.cnf file. I have migrated in the past from MySQL to MariaDB. I want to go back with DirectAdmin Custombuild plugin from MariaDB to MySQL, but this is not possible. The plugin see it as a downgrade and that is not possible. My problem: I can't tune my MariaDB after...
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    Mariadb not updating with Custombuild

    MariaDB v10.2.10 update to v10.2.11 is available But when i update, version is not v10.2.11. I think it is a bug in Custombuild.
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    let's encrypt *.cert.combined.combined not found.

    Error when creating let's encrypt certificates. *.cert.combined.combined not found. How to fix this? Certificate and Key Saved. Details Getting challenge for from acme-server... Waiting for domain verification... Challenge is valid. Getting challenge for from...
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    Custom HTTPD template for mod_wsgi (mod_wsgi in daemon mode & Django)

    I have installed mod_wsgi global by installing mod_wsgi from source. See the following link: After that open the following line: nano /etc/httpd/conf/extra/httpd-phpmodules.conf And added the following line...
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    How to install GMP with php 7.1 / CentOS 7

    After countless hours trying to install GMP extension for PHP it fails. Can somebody tell me how to do this? yum install gmp And then... It tells me its already installed the same is for gmp-devel Also when i rebuild PHP with the option in the custom/ap2/configure.php71 --with-gmp it...
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    Https redirection not working with nginx(reverse proxy)-apache

    Since i have a new webserver with nginx as reverse proxy/varnish/apache(php 7.0), redirect to https is not working. When i go to, it goes to Normally it has to go automatic to I hope somebody has a...