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    Sub domain different php version

    Hi, just add the subdomain as a domain in your account and set the PHP version you want using the php selector....
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    Email Level Dashboard

    Hello, We are happy to announce the release of our new project: Email Level Dashboard for DirectAdmin. This interface allows all e-mail users to change their password and their vacation message without access to the DirectAdmin user account. Lastest release: v1.00 FEATURES -----------------...
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    user_prefs is getting overwritten

    Hello, every time we add / remove and e-mail from the spamassassin whitelist / blacklist using DirectAdmin the file /.spamassassin/user_prefs is getting overwritten but the problem is we loose any custom modifications we have made to the file (like adjust spamassassin scoring). Is their...
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    Hello, is there any place where we can see the changelog for the skin? Regards,
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    Account Manager in Reseller and User panel

    Hello, can we get different tokens for translation for the Account Manager menu? Because in french in the reseller menu I would like to translate it to "Comptes et Forfait" (Accounts and Packages) and I want to translate the user menu to "Sites et Domaines" (Sites and Domains) and actually...
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    Add comment in skin code

    Hello, is there a way to add comment in the theme code. I have tried // and /** **/ but it didn't work...
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    All incoming e-mails blocked by RBL

    Hi, I have setup a new VPS with DA for one of your customer... But ALL the incoming mail are blocked by the RBL (when RBL blocking is activated). Each time we send a mail to one of the e-mail hosted on this vps we got the following error message: But, I know that the IP of the sending...
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    Packages synchronisation

    Hello, i was wondering if their any easy way to synch the user/reseller packages between many server... Because it's a pain to update all the user packages on all servers when we create a new one.... Regards,
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    Is RBL blocking working?

    Hello, since some days, we receive a lot of more spams. When I check e-mails messages sources, I don't see any RBL response/informations. I have checked for the sender IP and it's seems that some times it's listed on some RBL but still go in the Inbox. Yes, RBL checking is activated on this...
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    Hello, I have followed this tutorial to use sa-learn to teach spamassassin. But I still receive and incredible amount of spam on some account... I don't really know what to do more.. I use RBL, SpamAssassin, I have tried anything I know but the...
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    overwriting the systemd startup script

    Hello, I need to customize the systemd script for apache (httpd) to add a ExecStartPre= So I have added my line to /etc/systemd/system/ and it's seems to work well... Now I want to know if the custombuild script will overwrite this file when I do a system upgrade/update? If...
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    DA to manage domain IPS file for exim outbound IP/interfaces

    hello, I want to use this feature: DA to manage domain IPS file for exim outbound IP/interfaces ( but I was wondering if I need to update all the SPF records manually to match the domain IP or if it will be done automaticly with the task.queue...
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    [free plugin] Pointer Mail System Manager for Directadmin

    Hello, I have tried the plugin, but it's seems the form to desativate MX on pointer is missing... And the plugins said they have no pointer for this domain...but it's not true..the domain have 3 pointers....
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    Remove mails for a domain pointer

    Hello, I want to disable e-mails for a domain pointer but I'm unable to achieve this... I have tried to remove the MX records for that domain pointer without success.... Did any body know how to do this? Regards,
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    DirectAdmin + SSL = Strange redirections

    Hello, I have setup my DA installation to use SSL (SSL=1 and Since then, when a use type they supposed to be redirected to as configured in the directadmin.conf. But it's not what happen. The user is redirected...