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    Update order

    Thanks both for your reply. Lucky we have custombuild to assist us in those matters. I remember doing an update a few years back, and all mail arrived in queue, but wasn't delivered to the mailboxes any further. So I didn't wan't to break it a second time:-) Thanks for your support
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    Update order

    Hi all, Just a small question : is there a particular order I need to considerate when it comes to .conf files ? Like, first the .conf files, and second the sevices ?
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    site and mail on different servers

    Hi all, I'm no expert when it comes to DNS settings. I'm transfering a site (website and mail accounts) to a new server. Mail has been succesfully transfered, but the site is very large and might take some work. So I would like to have my client to use his mail on the new server, but...
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    Bitninja greylist -> smtp malicious activity

    The host of my VPN sent me a warning the have received a report of malicious activity originating from my VPS. After examining the exim mainlog, I found the origin : 2019-06-30 17:29:09 1hhRXi-0003bF-PW == <> R=lookuphost T=remote_smtp...
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    ToS Violation - Malicious Activity ?

    Dear all, If this is off-topic, please let me know, but I'm puzzled with this one. Today I received an email from my host malicious activities from my server IP has been noticed. All reports from seem to be xmlrpc.php related. In the DA control panel I don't spot any evidence of...
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    Is this tilde correct ?

    I'm trying to examine why mails to some external boxes never arrive. So a few years ago I followed instructions in Now my DNS records look like this, but I was wondering ... is the domainkey "o=~" correct (as in the next line my SPF record says -...
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    It seems many servers suffer problems for exim2 attacks by multiple ip's from the same machine-name "ylmf-pc". Normally originating from DUL/Dynamic addressing ranges, this is a high impact attack, which simply connects to a mail server, issues a HELO/EHLO of ylmf-pc, and then exits the...
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    Quota used to work

    Quota used to work fine, but for some reason now it doesn't and I can't get it fixed. [root@server /]# df -h Filesystem Size Used Avail Use% Mounted on /dev/sda 20G 7.6G 12G 40% / tmpfs 2.0G 168K 2.0G 1% /dev/shm /dev/sdb 20G 447M 19G 3% /mnt/backup...
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    Domain names on server (about spammers)

    Just a general question I was wondering about: As every server, I get daily brute force attacks, mainly IP's that want to take use of exim2. What puzzles me is that they seem to be able to retrieve the exact domain names that are hosted on the server (and then of course try out all possible...
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    Confused about some settings

    Hi All, A few friends of mine (with gmail accounts) told me all my mails get send to their spam folders, even after confirming in settings my mail is not spam. So I started wondering if my DNS settings were set up ok... even though perhaps the problem lies elsewhere. But this is my starting...
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    Relationship between MySQL and PHP

    This might be a stupid question but I can't find the answer anywhere : Are MySQL and PHP bound to eachother when it comes to version-upgrades ? For example in extremes (versions don't exist, just used as extreme example): Can a MySQL 9.0 run with a PHP 5.1 ? Or a PHP 7.0 with a MySQL 2.4 ? Or...
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    reverse dns

    Hi all, It seems that all mails sent from accounts on my server end up in gmails spam folder. I found out no PTR record were made for my primary domain (in DA DNS Administration this would be on IP wich is on I followed all steps in...
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    Nginx rollback ?

    I asked this question in the custombuild forum, but since this is a more general question it's perhaps better to put it here: My system (a custombuild centos + nginx as proxy), all up-to-date to latest versions except nginx (version 1.6.1) probably needs to update to nginx 1.8.0 wich is...
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    update nginx with custombuild 2.0

    Hi all, First : my server is using nginx_apache custombuild. Since last week (after updating software via custombuild, like apache, MySQL and PHP, exim, PHPMyAdmin) it seems dynamic pages (like from Joomla/Drupal) seem to return blank pages ... When I try to load the site I get a blank page...
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    Balloons stay on

    Just updated to the2.0.0-RC7 (rev: 802) Balloon tips don't disappear :)