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    SQL Database export - max_input_vars not updating

    See image - I've updated max_input_vars in /usr/local/php73/lib/php.ini cd /usr/local/directadmin ./build update ./build rewrite_confs service httpd restart **UPDATE: ISSUE FIXED**
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    Plesk to Directadmin conversion tool?

    Thread can now be deleted, no longer required.
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    New Directadmin forum

    Looks much better ;)
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    Plesk to Directadmin conversion tool?

    Is they any recent tools (conversion tool) or an easy way to move a user from Plesk to DirectAdmin rather that having to manually create each directory? User is also using same database version as us MariaDB. PHP 7.0 (which we've got installed) and WordPress.
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    Server vulnerabilities with Apache & PHP

    2 Issues when testing with im getting the following ServerSignature Off ServerTokens Prod I'm needing main file location to change these values AND ALSO... This is what the server is responding with: PHP/7.2.24 "How to Fix PHP: Edit the php.ini file and modify...
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    Nameserver Issue

    See link for image. How would i correct this, showing for all domains.
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    Backup all users via SSH

    Looking to do this every few months or so manually, anyone know the command to backup everything within a users account (website, SQL, email etc.) ?
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    LetsEncrypt Issue

    Requesting new certificate order... Nonce is empty. Exiting. dig output of Full nonce request output: HTTP/2 200 server: nginx date: Tue, 24 Sep 2019 20:06:16 GMT...
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    Change daily email limit to hourly

    I've changed my email limit to 20 but I want this per hour, which file / cmd do I need to change where it changes from daily to hourly instead?
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    Hotmail Blocked

    Only been using DirectAdmin now for around several days and i'm already blocked from using Hotmail which is very, simply not enough secure options with DA to make email more secure. Limited email to just 50 per day No mention anywhere on DA if SPF/DKIM is added to domains. They is also a lack...