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    RoundCube not connecting to database

    Hi I am having a problem with roundcube not working on my debian wheezy server. I have removed the da_roundcube database and have tried to rebuild it but get the below errors, I am using custombuild 2.0 . Any advice or help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks ERROR 1044 (42000) at line 1...
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    mysql using 400mb plus of memory on clean install of DA

    I have completed a fresh install of DA on a debian 7 linode with 1gb of ram I am seeing the memory usage for mysql at around 450mb, if i restart mysql it returns to the same levels any advice on what might be causing this or what I can do to work out the issue would be appreciated . I have...
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    Blocked access to DA CentOS VPS

    Hi my issue is more related to csf and iptables and I have posted in the csf forum but im hoping someone in this forum may have come across or is able to suggest ideas to try and sort it out . The issue has started happening on my centos 6.4 x64 DA kvm vps only in the last 24 hours where all...
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    Mysql restarting after clean install Debian 6 and DA

    I am having an issue with mysql constantly stopping and restarting on a clean install of Debian 6 32 on an openvz vps . I have 2 other servers running the same os and directadmin without issue they are both kvm vps's . I have been reading through the forum over the last couple of days and have...
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    IP not added to iptables after auto blocking is setup ?

    Hi I followed the instructions here to setup ip blocking . The ip shows as blocked when the set level of attempts is reached but if I run a check on iptables using " iptables -L -n --line | grep [blocked ip] " the ip does not show as dropped or...