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    How to force ads to websites?

    Maby it's a good option for you:
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    How much data transfer is this then

    Hello, bandwidth GB for this month.
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    PHP Access disable - how?

    Hello, I've created a new package in DA, and I've disabled php access but it still can be used after I add a new domain. And the same is true for elder packages: if I disable this function for a certain domain, php can also be run in this case. Does anyone know the trick? How can I really...
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    Server ip protection against blacklist

    Hello, How can I set that users who have dedicated IP, would send their mails via that dedicated IP, not via server IP? I'd allow these users to send a greater amount of emails, but I have to be sure that the server won't get onto any blacklist... Is it possible? Thanks a lot!
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    How to downgrade mysql in custombuild

    Hello, How can I use custombuild to download the old mysql version 5.1.57 and then downgrade to this version in custombuild? Could you help me please? Thanks a lot!
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    Server info to the user sidebar

    Hi, I would like to show only the Apache, Exim, MySQL,ProFTPd from Server Information in the user level sidebar. How can I do this? Could you help me please? Thanks!
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    Demo site language

    Hello, I tried to change my Directadmin demo site to my language, but I didn't found the method. Maybe it is a good funcion. What do you mean about it?
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    Demo language change

    Hello, how can I change the demo lenaguage? Thanks a lot!
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    Limit ot the Processes Running

    I would be glad if an option like at hostgator will be available. What do you think? Thanks!
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    Iframe attack

    How can we protect ourselves (own server) from iframe attack? Is there anybody having any idea?
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    How can I create email for subdomain

    Hello, I would like to create some email addresses to the subdomains. How can I do it? Thanks a lot!
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    How to create a demo site?

    Hello, How Can I create a demo site to my DA? Best regards. I found it. That was a st***d question... :) But How Can I use the demo site in my language? (Not english)
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    Default cutom pages

    Hello, I would like to use my own default index.html when I create a new account. How can I do this? I edited the /domains/default/index.html but, nothing happened. I edited the usr/local/directadmin/data/templates/default/index.html and nothing happened too. Could somebody help me?
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    SuPhp doesn't work

    Hello, I setup the custombuild 1.1. But the suphp doesn't work. I can to add chmod 777 to my files of site and the site is work fine! I didn't get internal server error.:confused: What is the problem? Could you help me? Thanks a lot!