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    Automatic default SPF change

    Hi! When reseller has given another IP than server IP. When he makes new domain in DA the SPF line in DNS have IP of resellers shared IP. The problem is that e-mails are sen from server IP and IP in SPF line: "v=spf1 a mx ip4: ?all" differ from server IP (for example -...
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    Generate password for pop3 accounts

    I would like to have "Random" button to the right of password space , when I'm creating pop3 accounts for my clients. Im little tired of thinking about bunch of passwords.
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    POP account user change password page

    Some my users asked for ability to change POP mail account passwords without Site Admin attention. Till now I used squirrelmail to do it but in DA there are virtual POP mail accounts, and squirrelmail plugin was working with real system accounts.
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    So much memory have I, or not?

    I think, I found a bug in DA system info page. Total Swap Memory 18014398507384832 kB Free Swap Memory 18014398507384832 kB That is too optimistic ;) I have only 2GB of ram and 2GB of swap. Running DA 1.26.5 on FreeBSD 6.0
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    Watching of all webalizer stats?

    I want to watch all webalizer stats of all users in my server. How to do it?
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    FreeBSD 6.0 - 64bit amd??

    Does DirectAdmin work on 64bit freebsd 6.0 ? Are there any special patches for it?