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    Wordpress/Drupal extremely slow Time To First Byte

    Thanks for the the reply. The issue with the above is that we're testing the exact same site (a Drupal site in this case, just an import/export of the site data and database, no caching except for OPcache on both servers) on the same network, from the same location, same underlying hardware...
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    Wordpress/Drupal extremely slow Time To First Byte

    We have several Wordpress/Drupal sites configured on our Directadmin servers with a very slow time to first byte (sometimes 10+ seconds). We've ruled out any hardware/resource issues because even when we set up the same websites on a simple LAMP server with minimal resources (1vCPU, 1GB RAM...
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    mysql data installed to /home/mysql

    I finished a Directadmin installation on a fresh Debian 10 server, thinking mysql data would be installed to /var/lib/mysql, with a symlink /home/mysql -> /var/lib/mysql as detailed here: and as is the case on several Debian 9 servers we're...
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    PHP 7.3 - OPcache not cachings scripts

    PHP 7.3 - OPcache not caching scripts When testing with the following configuration: - Debian 9 - PHP 7.3.9 (php-fpm) - OPCache OPCache doesn't seem to be caching any scripts. Downgrading to PHP 7.2 fixes the issue. I've tested this on 2 different servers, using the following OPcache...
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    [Installatron] - Wordpress backups / updates not working after server migration

    This is not really Directadmin related, so I'm also opening a ticket with Installatron, but maybe someone here has some experience with this as well. We backed up / restored a Directadmin account with a Wordpress site installed and managed through Installatron from one server to another (php...
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    bandwith / disk quota notification emails

    We're trying to customize the emails users receive when (almost) exceeding the bandwith / disk quota limit for their account by using a custom template, the ones with a subject like: User xxx has used up xxx% of their bandwidth and xxx% of their allocated disk space - How can we manually...
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    ignore custom httpd template for specific user

    We've added some custom templates for our users, in order to configure some extra server aliases when these users are created, i.e. in /usr/local/directadmin/data/templates/custom/virtual_host2.conf: ServerAlias www.|DOMAIN| |DOMAIN| |SERVER_ALIASES| |DOMAIN|.|HOSTNAME| www.|DOMAIN|.|HOSTNAME|...
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    bind not reloading when modyfing DNS zone

    A customer complained the DNS records he added didn't seem to resolve. Directadmin logs are showing the following: grep -i named /var/log/directadmin/errortaskq.log.1 2019:01:25-08:51:01: Error reloading service named : uid 0 gid 0 : /bin/systemctl reload named.service >/dev/null...
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    Let's Encrypt for custom ServerAlias

    One of our servers is configured so that new domain names added in Directadmin will be available as well by surfing to (by adding |DOMAIN|.|HOSTNAME| as a ServerAlias template in the virtualhost). Since isn't visible in the control...
  10. W 403 forbidden error

    I'm receiving the following error when trying to create a Let's Encrypt certificate for a specific domain: Requesting new certificate order... Processing authorization for domain.tld... Waiting for domain verification... Trying again... 1..2..3..4..5.. Challenge status: invalid. Challenge...
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    cannot install Mariadb 10.3 using Custombuild

    Issue: Mariadb 10.3.7 tar.gz install file not found on OS: Debian 9 fresh install /usr/local/directadmin/custombuild# ./build mariadb Dumping database da_roundcube Dumping database mysql --2018-06-28 18:00:01--...
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    libjpeg upgrade (62 -> 80)

    We require libjpeg 8 to resolve a conflict between Imagick and libjpeg on one of our older servers (error: "Wrong JPEG library version: library is 62, caller expects 80"), similar to this thread: Unfortunately I only see the following files...
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    suphp.conf overwritten when running ./build rewrite_confs

    We have some older servers running SuPHP and noticed /usr/local/suphp/etc/suphp.conf gets overwritten when running ./build rewrite_confs. Is it possible to use a custom suphp.conf file with Custombuild (as it is with the httpd configuration files) or are we better off just chattr-ing it? Thanks!
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    Let's Encrypt with older Custombuild versions

    Hi, quick question: Is Let's Encrypt supported by Custombuild 1.1 / 1.2?
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    server IP pointing to index.html of DA user

    On one of our DirectAdmin servers, when we surf to the server IP or the server hostname, instead of the contents of /var/www/html/index.html, we get the contents of the index.html in the public_html of the first user/domain bound to that IP. Any idea what could be the cause for this?