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    auto subscription thread for forum post

    Hi,7 I just posted 2 posts in relation with various issues, and i disovered fast answers to them on online website : very good point, but i have not received email notification like any forum where we make a post. Indeed, aftyer having a look at my post, there is settings to choose when...
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    Issue with random question post forum

    Hi, The random questions to post on your forum are far too hard for non english speakers, this is a serious hit that prevent posting even for me in some cases... I never saw a such complicated thing, it sounds like that not only bots are prevented, but mostly users, this is unsane serisouly...
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    Trial version

    Hi Folks, Trial possibility is clearly advertised on your website, and once loggedin we just find to buy license. With the rush coming, more professionalism si required : if there is no trial, no problem, but don't advertise that there is one, this is misleading, and reducing your credibility...