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    On boot cronjob doesn't get executed properly

    Good day, I've defined a "@reboot" cronjob via DirectAdmin because I want a script to be started on boot. When I view the cron log it does get started, however, the script doesn't seem to do what it should. Is there something wrong with my command? It only needs execution rights for my user...
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    One-way Multi-Server DNS setup

    Hi everyone, We currently have 3 machines which are all 3 linked together (NS1, NS2 and NS3) using the DirectAdmin multi-server setup. We're planning adding a 4th machine, but how can we sync it's DNS records, without linking 4 machines to each-other? I'd like to only enable multi-server on...
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    rdiff backup working, but am I doing it correctly?

    Hi everyone, We've been running rdiff-backup backups for the past few weeks on a few of our DirectAdmin boxes. The storage machine initiates the connection and the backup itself is working perfectly. However, I was wondering if this is a good way to backup DirectAdmin? Am I missing...
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    Reinstall/Rebuild Roundcube through Custombuild

    Hi everyone, Whenever I try to use Roundcube on my CentOS5 system, it doesn't allow me to login and tells me my login or session expired. This error started to appear after latest Roundcube update. Squirrelmail still works fine. What's the best/proper way to reinstall/rebuild Roundcube...
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    Major DirectAdmin exploit!!

    Hi everyone, I tested this on several public DirectAdmin hosts. This exploit worked on all of them. Possibilities with exploit Read outgoing mails on random domainnames Capture passwords Fake/override subdomains How does this exploit work 1. Retrieve a domainname on your host (which you...
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    Advanced search features

    Hi, Why doesn't DA support advanced search features? Like searching on an e-mail. Or filter users with package x or the people with > 5 domainnames. Would be great if it'll be supported by DA. Thanks!
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    Problems with own DA API class (PHP)

    Hi guys, I'm trying to create my own PHP class for the DirectAdmin API. However, it doesn't seem to work at all. Does anyone know what's causing it and how it can be fixed? Script code: Pastebin All variables with the da_ prefix are defined in config.php and are right. There are no errors...