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    Directadmin starting only every now and then on boot

    Do you have a static IP? On Ubuntu 18.04 (Debian 10 based) DirectAdmin and PHP wouldn't start most of the time at boot, but would start by hand. Setting a static IP fixed it for me.
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    Let's Encrypt with domain redirect and HSTS

    So, I have HSTS (Strict-Transport-Security-header) enabled server-wide trough a custom nginx_server_secure.conf template. This works fine, apart from one case I'm running into now and can't find a solution for. One of my clients used to host a personal website,, with a valid...
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    DirectAdmin can't restart itself and other services

    Thank you very much John! Great service. Just updated and all seems to work fine now!
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    DirectAdmin can't restart itself and other services

    Thanks for your time and help again smtalk! 1) Nginx is fine: nginx -t nginx: the configuration file /etc/nginx/nginx.conf syntax is ok nginx: configuration file /etc/nginx/nginx.conf test is successful 2) Assuming you are refering to cron.service: yes, it's running. All cronjobs created by...
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    DirectAdmin can't restart itself and other services

    I installed a fresh DirectAdmin on Ubuntu 18.04 (License set to the general Linux 64-bit) and after some troubleshooting in the Debian 10 beta subforum most of it works just fine now. But there's one big thing that doesn't work across the entire system: restarting services by DirectAdmin. I...
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    Restoring databases not working

    So I'm installing DirectAdmin on Ubuntu 18.04, with the license file set to 'Linux 64-bit'. I tackled a lot of issues already, but I'm stuck at restoring mysql databases right now. So first of all I tried to use Admin Backup/Transfer to restore my users. This works fine, apart from databases...
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    PHP-FPM 7.3 on Ubuntu 18.04

    As mentioned in the Debian 10 Alpha topic, I'm in the process of installing DirectAdmin on Ubuntu 18.04 LTS, based on Debian 10. To keep that topic clean I opted for a fresh topic for the problem I haven't found a solution for yet. As summed up in this post, I managed to install DirectAdmin on...
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    Admin Backup failes on mysql

    This weekend I upgraded my server from Ubuntu 14.04 (EOL) tot Ubuntu 16.04. All seems to be working quite fine, apart from the scheduled Admin Backup. It throws up this error for all users/databases: Error while backing up database XXXX Error while backing up database XXXX: The sql file is 0...
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    Cronjob bug in Evolution skin

    First: no idea if this is the right sub-forum to post a skin bug. There seems to be a bug in the Evolution skin regarding cronjobs. When I go to the cronjobs list as user, I can add new ones and edit existing ones, but the delete button does nothing. When I select the cronjob I want to delete...
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    Upgrade from Ubuntu 14.04 LTS to 16.04 LTS

    Hello, I've been using Directadmin succesfully on Ubuntu Server 14.04 LTS for the past few years. This version of Ubuntu will be out of support in Q1 2019, so I will have to upgrade the software. I saw Ubuntu 18.04 LTS is based on Debian 10 which isn't supported yet, so I decided to go for...
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    A lot of PHP-folders in Custombuild

    My server is running out of disk space and before upgrading I was doing a quick scan to see if things that shouldn't be there are taking up (too) much space. I noticed the /usr/local/directadmin/custombuild folder was over 4GB. It turns out, it contains a lot of PHP folders from between 500-600...
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    Protecting directory

    I'm using DirectAdmin with CB2 with Nginx-only. As known, it is possible to protect a directory from within the DA File Manager. I thought this was working perfectly, I get the HTTP-Auth screen when I visit But only recently I discovered all the images inside that...
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    Email out of sync

    I use my Directadmin-server as a mail server too with the default software provided, so Dovecot and Exim. But I'm having some irritating problems and wanted to know if other people experience it as well or know where I have to look to fix it. In general it's working quite well, but my email...
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    IMAP folders

    I've got a problem with IMAP and I can't seem to find the right answer (or the right search term? :p). I'm using Directadmin as my mail server, with Dovecot and Roundcube webmail. I use the IMAP-protocol to get my mail on all my devices and I keep running into a problem around folders: it's a...
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    HTTP/2: ALPN-support

    Recently the Chrome browser dropped support for NPN, which means HTTP/2 is only possible when using ALPN. Problem: ALPN is only available in recent OpenSSL versions. At the moment I have the following setup: - Ubuntu Server 14.04 LTS (Debian Jessie) - Nginx only The OpenSSL version used in...