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    code editor in enhanced

    Copy edit.html file to /usr/local/directadmin/data/skins/enhanced/user/filemanager/ if you want to load script from your host download and upload it to your host. then change line 4 to your url
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    utf-8 support

    Hello, If its possible , please edit file manager for UTF8 file name. i see it easy in file manager , but i cant edit or download or ... Invalid path: /domains/نمونه.html, Paths must also begin with a forward slash (/)
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    hi i have some file with utf-8 filename and in file manager i can see it easy , but cant edit . Unable to edit file Invalid path. Path's must also begin with a forward slash (/) in FTP(windows file manager), i see filename like this : ظ…ط¹ط±ظپغŒ ط´ط±ع©طھ.html in firefox ftp with utf-8 support i...
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    litespeed in Directadmin

    hi guys i install litespeed free version in VPS, when i change port to 2080 , website show my main page of ip (exp: :D if i change port to 80 , show main page of litspeed. what am i dO?
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    CSF - Check nameservers

    hi all how can i solve this problem? At least one of the configured nameservers: should be located in a topologically and geographically dispersed location on the Internet - See RFC 2182 (Section 3.1) in CSf check:D thanks alot