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  1. Users with php dir in /usr/local/directadmin/data/users// unwritable as root?

    Even as root I cannot access, create files or dirs in some users directories. Some of the other users don't have this issue.

    This way I cannot add the php-fpm configs there :( as ./build...
  2. Privileges on users php settings deny root? fcgi socket(s) not created for some users


    I recently changed from fastcgi to php-fpm with custombuild 2.x and centos 6.9. Changed it in the options.conf and did a build of php, opcache and apache following a rewrite_confs.

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    Zend Server Community install with DA

    Hi All,

    I already builded my DA with in the options.conf zend=yes. I however would like the zend community server also to be installed, instead of only the optimizer.

    I tried to install it...
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