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    Activation of DNSSEC

    Hello, is there any guideline on how to activated DNSSEC? My situation. 1. Directadmin VPS server 2. DNS panel outside VPS server (so external DNS servers) 3. 3th party domain registrar I have activated DNSSEC on my server. Seems to be working, can generated and sign keys. When I want to...
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    What is best option adding extra domain or add subdomain

    On question. For my website we will make an app and webplatform. I need additional FTP login to a dedicated folder, this has nothing to do with my main website. What is the best option? Make an extra domain in the account of my website (Domain setup). Or is it best to make 'normal' subdomain...
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    SSL for hostname with letsencrypt

    Just need a little information before I try to install a SSL certificate for my hostname. This is my situation (CentOs 7 all latest versions) (www.) is used for website and has SSL by Gandi (www.) is used for website and has SSL by Gandi (www.) is used for...
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    MariaDB 10.2.13 released
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    Push the button ?

    Hi have this in my Build Software menu. I know some people would like to try to push this button to see what happens .... But I rather do not :-) Is this a bug? Had same issue in ref 1818, but updating to 1820 does not correct it.
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    Config Server & Firewall

    I use CSF on my new CentOS 7 VPS server. I have ran the firewall check and I see following warnings: 1. Check MySQL LOAD DATA disallows LOCAL my.cnf file contains the following: !includedir /etc/my.cnf.d in that directory I have several files. in the file etc/my.cnf.d/server.cnf I have...
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    TLS client disconnected cleanly (rejected our certificate?)

    Hello, for one website I use PHPMailer 6.0.1. When I have configered $SMTPAutoTLS = true then mail is not being send and I have following error in the mainlog: 2017-12-18 12:58:38 TLS error on connection from ( [] (SSL_accept): error:14094418:SSL...
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    DKIM signature valid or not valid?

    Hi, I have successfully installed DKIM some weeks ago. Ran some tests and DKIM are valid, however not on and Hotmail/Office 365 receiver. Let me explain. We send a mail to a client with a PDF file of his order. According to Google the DKIM, SPF and DMARC is valid (pass)...
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    DKIM for hostname

    Hello, question, I have found this help article: It says that /etc/virtual/hostname/ must not contain any file. However I placed in that directory two files that I copied from the main domain dkim.private.key dkim.public.key This is because CSF is...
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    Change standard Virtual Host file

    Hello, I already searched this forum but didn't find the answer. On my server I have several websites. Some have SSL others not. For one website I have edited the Virtual Host file for that domain with this: (located usr/local/directadmin/data/users/xxxx/) <VirtualHost xxxx:80 > <IfModule...
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    Enable HSTS

    Hello, I'm using a VPS server with directadmin 1.512 Apache 2. Some time ago I have setup a certificate for one website. Everything is fine. But I would like to enable HSTS. I found some information on this forum but none of them is really clear for me. Is there someone who can provide me...
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    logrotate exim error logs

    Logrotate is configured to rotate on a montly base. It is working expect on 2 files var/log/exim/rejectlog var/log/exim/mainlog Both of these files have data in it since 2014-11-03 So from that date rotation stopped, on those 2 files, other file are rotated as expected.. etc/logrotate.d/exim...
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    Hello, I want to get rit of the error messages "Multiple destination domains per transaction is unsupported." when I send an email to multiple domains hosted by Google. I know that this can be solved by adding multi_domain=false But where exactly do I need to add that in exim.conf (and are...
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    DKIM correct setup with 2 servers sending mail.

    Let me explain how our mails er handled. 1. For regular mails we use Google Apps for Business. 2. Our subcontracters get an email with there orderdetails. This e-mail is send from our VPS server, running Directadmin. SPF is setup and running correctly for a couple of years. But now I want to...
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    Email send to me directly from my own server

    Hi, I'm on a VPS with Directadmin (latest version). My mailserver is not an open relay. But when someone uses my mailserver (port 25) to send an email to a domain hosted on my server this email will be delivered. Is there any setting or way around to deny this? It can be done like this: [pc]...
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    accidentally suspend domain

    Hello, I have accidentally suspended my main account (just pushed the wrong button). My website went down but I unsuspended the domain some seconds later. Everything is working again, so no problems noticed. But do I need to do something manually or will DA do everything for me? Suggestion...