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    Error creating Let´s Encrypt certificate

    My servers stopted to create Let´s Encrypt certificates. I updated with custombuild curl but that didn´t solve the problem. Requesting new certificate order... Nonce is empty. Exiting. dig output of
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    Installatron can´t create new database

    We have installed Installatron at our server and it was running pefect until a short while ago. Now it doesn´t let users install new apps anymore from their panel. As soon I start a Wordpress install on a new hosting account with 5 MySQL databases available it says: Error Unable to create a...
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    Can´t check "All User Cron Jobs" in admin section

    When I want to check the user cron tabs in the admin section I get this error: " All User Cron Jobs User cron parsing error. Check crontab.conf files". How can I discover wich cron has a error?
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    Emails don´t arrive in Gmail

    I got a new server and I can send emails to everybody except Gmail. The server is sending the mails but the never arrive into the Gmail account. Server has reverse dns and DKIM. Here is a part of the exim log: 2014-06-25 23:44:35 1Wzzfu-0008QN-Ni <= info@**** H=(AMDBas) [201.77.74.***]...
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    550 5.3.2 Service currently unavailable

    Please can somebody help me to resolve this error: SMTP error from remote mail server after RCPT TO:<>: host []: 550 5.3.2 Service currently unavailable
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    Hotmail accounts don´t receive emails from our servers

    Hello, We have a serious problem, emails send to hotmail account don´t arrive but aren´t bounced either. Just when answering a email send from a hotmail account the will go to the hotmail mailbox. Our server isn´t blacklisted and other mailservices like gmail are receiving our emails normal. The...
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    smtp port 587

    Is there a way to use smtp port 587 because many brazilian internet providers started to block smtp port 25?
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    Mass email problem

    I had today on 2 servers the same problem that a person gets access to a mail account of 1 of our customers and use our server sending tons of emails. in both cases it was the same person / computer sending this emails. Here is the header information: 1RLJY7-0005pQ-Fh-H mail 8 12...
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    MySQL stopped to work

    Hello, MySQL server stopped to work and when I try to start it with SSH I get this message: MySQL manager or server PID file could not be found! Can somebody help me please?
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    user accounts hacked

    I have a problem, in all user accounts on the server with directories having 777 rights there is a php file and a .htaccess file uploaded. This php file looks is a number like 23145.php and owned by apache. All files have the same date and time and it looks a scripts has injected this files...
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    No ftp accounts after back restore

    After a harddisk crash I had to reinstall DA and restore all user accounts. Everything is restored fine, but the users don't have a ftp account anymore. Even the standard ftp account wich has been created when a new user account has been created doesn't appear. Does somebody know how to solve?
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    ftp problems

    Since today half of the account can´t access the server anymore using by or IP of the account. They just have ftp access if they use First I was thinking about a dns issue, but in that case they should have access by their IP. Other accounts who...
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    Hello, My box got a reload after is was hacked. I was going to install Awstats but I saw in the formum that Awstats now included in the DA Panel. I don´t see it yet in my panel, do I need to enable it?
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    Error when giving server reboot

    I had to reboot one of our servers, after I gave the reboot command with SSH I got this error message: /usr/local/lib/ no version information available (required by /usr/lib/ Does somebody know how I can resolve this problem?
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    Error during backup useraccounts

    When I use the Admin Backup/Transfer option in the admin level, I get the this error: User belvoip has been backed up. ncftpput /home/tmp/admin/user.admin.belvoip.tar.gz: server said: user.admin.belvoip.tar.gz: Permission denied User benelux has been backed up. ncftpput...
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    Dedicated IP for domain in admin -> user level

    I am using at the userlevel of my admin account an domain but I don´t know how to assign an dedicated IP to this account so I can install an SSL certificate for this domain? At the moment this account is using the main server IP.
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    How to move account on an Interworx server to DA

    We are using 1 server with Interworx but I want to move to DA as soon as possible. We have to many problems with this server and the panel and I want to know if there is a way to restore the useraccount easy on an DA server.
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    Error when updating Clamav

    I just updated the ClamAV using the update script but got this error: ClamAV update process started at Tue Jul 24 20:17:24 2007 main.cvd is up to date (version: 44, sigs: 133163, f-level: 20, builder: sven) Downloading daily-3756.cdiff [100%] daily.cvd updated (version: 3756, sigs: 7048...
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    Suspend at limit not working

    We have a several users who are passing their bandwidht or diskspace limits. The option "suspend at limit" is turned on, but the server is not suspending these accounts. The server is sending the warning e-mails with users who passed there disk space or bandwidth limits normal. Does somebody...
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    Problems with files uploaded in php5

    We have on our server php 4 and php 5. PHP 4 is running normal, php 5 in CGI mode. When we upload files using php 4 the are owned by apache with the permissions 600 and the images are displayed normal on the site. When we upload the same files using a script in php 5 the files are owned by the...